Kick Ass Crew – Monthly Membership: VIP Upgrade


LEVEL UP Your Kick Ass Crew Experience with the VIP Upgrade to Your Monthly Membership!

The VIP Upgrade Includes:

  • Daily Accountability
  • LIVE Group Sessions
  • Q&As
  • LIVE Coaching


Kick Ass Crew is the result of dozens of years and multiple thousands of dollars looking for a system that works for the easily distracted, multi-pressured, multi-plate spinning and Driven Go-Getter!

  • You’ll learn to maximize each day and cut energy-suck distractions
  • You’ll experience the peace that comes from having a plan smart enough to handle life’s unexpected surprises
    You’ll feel joy from making progress with what matters to you, regardless of urgent, unimportant distractions that pop up
  • You’ll learn how to get back on track when your day goes to crap
  • You’ll learn how to kick overwhelm in the ass
  • You’ll learn how to avoid the dangers of self-sabotage
  • You’ll feel guilt-free doing what you love with those who matter most
  • And you will learn how to design a life on YOUR TERMS!