The Contract CFO Show w/ Michael Anthony – Episode #0001 

I’m not in the business of just helping you out of a bad situation, I’m in the business of empowering you to be successful for the long term.” – Michael Anthony

Welcome to the first episode of The Contract CFO Podcast Show!

I’m Michael Anthony, Financial and Life Optimization Coach, and today I’m talking to Serial Entrepreneur Brian Delaney about the nuances of finances and unfiltered life.

In this episode we discuss why having a plan for your money is critical to your success. We also break down how your strategy may be black and white, but the actual practice requires personal growth and patience.

I talk about how I got started in my journey with money and finances at five years old thanks to He-Man and Government cheese. Finally, Brian and I dive into how our adolescence shaped us, molded our perspectives concerning money, and how we turned our hardships into an experience that now serves us as business leaders.


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~Michael Anthony

Show Notes:
Links Mentioned in the Episode:
Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequila
Deleon Reposado Tequila
High West American Prairie Bourbon
The Burning Chair Bourbon
The Contract CFO Program
Tony Robbins
Wolf on Wall Street
He-Man and Masters of the Universe
Work With Symmetry
Dave Ramsey
Atomic Habits by James Clear
The Serenity Prayer
Die Hard
Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson
Michael Anthony YouTube
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Intro & Drinks
Brian Delaney [1:00]
Brian talks about being a cereal entrepreneur [1:21]
Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequila for Michael [1:55]
Deleon Reposado Tequila [2:40]
Brian is drinking High West American Prairie Bourbon [4:13]
The Burning Chair Bourbon [4:29]
Michael talks about camping with Brian [5:13]
Michael talks about day drinking during quarantine [6:10]
Everything in moderation, including moderation – MA [7:33]
Michael talks about being raised in a dry house [7:55]
Michael tells us about working at a winery and it was his first time drinking [9:19]
The show supports recreational drinking [9:56]
Tequila distilling is an art [10:21]
Brian talks about the spirit of John Barleycorn [10:39]

Main Topic
Whether it’s money or booze. Anything that’s powerful has the ability to be both beneficial and detrimental – BD [11:00]

The essence of everything that’s good and beautiful in this world is freaking messy – BD [11:56]
The beauty of life is in the gray not the black and white like we are taught – MA [12:25]
Things are very clear cut until you actually start to grow a frickin business for more than two minutes. You’re gonna realize how gray it is and how gray we are. – MA [12:39]
Brian reminisces about drinking a bottle of brandy at 12 years old [13:44]
Business is black and white as a strategy as a plan, but not as a practice – BD [14:26]
People are messy, that’s why business is messy [15:00]
Sometimes I look at people as a finished product. And I hear what they say, as a reflection of me, when both of those things are not true – BD [16:00]

It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. – BD [16:30]
It’s important to give people room and grace to walk out their process – BD [17:17]
Brian explains Assumption of Positive Intent [17:45]
It’s important even if the outcome wasn’t the best, the intentions were the best [19:18]
I’d rather assume and do the right thing and be wrong than do the wrong thing and be right – BD [20:0]
I’m the one who gets to pick my emotions [21:33]
Choose to think the best of people until they prove you wrong [22:30]
Believe the best of people and they will pleasantly surprise you [22:53]
Grace is transformational – MA [23:40]
It’s hard to trust others if we don’t trust ourselves [23:51]
As long as you’re willing to make the type of changes that are going to need to be made, I’m with you. As long as you’re willing to push your car, I’m willing to help – BD [25:04]

Brian talks about the Contract CFO Program [26:15]
Michael talks about consulting for different businesses [27:03]
Successful entrepreneurs execute – MA [27:19]
Tony Robbins [27:44]
We all have the same amount of hours in a day. What are you going to do with yours? – MA  [27:44]
Michael talks about working with his wife [28:35]
Where should you invest your time and money? [29:11]

Understanding how money works [29:51]
You gotta be able to trust your CFO/CPA [30:21]
Helping other people be successful is the most fulfilling things in the world – MA [31:24]
Understanding servant leadership [32:22]
Who are the people that I can co-labor with that are going to keep me in my strength zone? [33:2]
When the money we spend sets aside the values we have, we make both of those nonexistent – BD [34:46]
Michael, The Financial Sherpa [35:07]
It’s your time to grow – MA [35:49]
Entrepreneurship can be really difficult and lonely but doesn’t have to be. Join us at The Contract CFO – MA [36:10]
Brian talks about how he has to be an entrepreneur because he’s unemployable [36:45]
Being an employee and entrepreneur are both valuable and important roles [37:19]

How are you guaranteeing your future as a business owner? [37:48]
You work too hard to not have peace [38:12]

Just because I expect it doesn’t mean I’m entitled to it – BD [38:25]
Take responsibility for your life and finances. Be the captain of your ship – MA [39:25]
Wolf on Wall Street – [39:30]

Don’t be a firework, be sustainable and sexy; be a neon light and don’t burn out – MA [40:00]
A lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to hire someone to manage their finances because they’re afraid of what they’re going to learn [40:34]
You don’t have to be afraid to open your mail or your bank account – MA [41:09]
Michael and Brian talk about when they first started doing business together [42:11]
The one thing that is objectively bad in business is Willful Ignorance – BD [43:42]
Brian talks about getting steel in his eye [44:46]
Financial issues are like a toothache – MA [45:00]
Having an expert by your side that can make a rookie look like a pro is priceless [46:11]
I’m in the business of not just helping a situation, I’m in the business of empowering others – MA [46:58]
Ask for help if you need help – MA [47:31]
At the end of the day, it’s your business, your life, and your responsibility. So own it – MA [47:51]
The way we do one thing we do everything – MA [48:03]
This is not your end story unless you choose it to be – MA [48:26]
When you stop pushing on a rut, it becomes your grave – BD [48:50]

“Well, that’s have we’ve always done it…”  dangerous words [49:10]
Fruitful things don’t grow in sterile environments – BD [49:36]
Change is required to create different results [50:06]
You have the pain of change or the pain of stunted growth, the choice is yours – MA [50:31]
Don’t let your outflow outpace your income, or your upkeep will become your downfall – BD [51:37]
Beware of Destination Disease [52:59]
Being human requires a plan in order to be successful – BD [54:02]
There are billions of dollars being spent to convince us that what we currently have is not enough – MA [54:20]
Earning it means getting what you want, rather than just getting what you can afford now – BD [56:07]
You won’t find true fulfillment in things. You’ll find true fulfillment in dreams achieved – BD [56:10]
When I go after pleasure, I hardly ever end up at purpose. But when I whenever I go after purpose, I always get pleasure – BD [56:50]
If God can use an ass, he can use anyone – MA [58:03]
Gold can be found anywhere, consistent gold is another story [58:23]
You gotta give a damn about your sources [59:00]
59:25 Michael’s wife doesn’t get his sense of humor
Michael’s earliest memory of money [1:00:42]
He- Man [1:01:9]
Michael talks about government Cheese [1:01:23]
Managing your money well means freedom and control – MA [1:04:00]
Hard work = reward – MA [1:04:47]
Michael discusses money and how it impacted his childhood [1:05:30]
Michael discusses his mother’s recovery journey [1:07:41]
Understanding the importance of a handout [1:08:48]
If a handout doesn’t turn into a hand-up, it turns into slavery – MA [1:09:00]
Michael talks about his freezer full of McDonald’s Hamburgers [1:10:08]
The importance of equality for women [1:12:47]
Without women, we’re fucked. As a society, in business, period. We’re screwed – MA [1:13:55]
TEAM: Together everyone achieves more – MA [1:14:30]
If Michael was a woman he would spend his money on heels [1:15:15]
A lot of us, instead of waiting to understand who we are, we start to apply meaning to ourselves too early – BD [1:16:00]
Work with Symmetry [1:18:00]
Michael talks about being mentored by Dave Ramsey and working directly under him [1:19:14]
Michael discusses what it’s like being surrounded by giants in the industry [1:22:59]
Don’t mistake busy-ness for accomplishment – MA [1:25:21]
Atomic Habits by James Clear [1:25:43]
As a man thinks so he is – MA [1:26:55]
Know where you’re at and what you need to do to get to where you want to go – MA [1:28:00]
Be careful of reading your own headlines [1:28:52]
Michael talks about sweat equity [1:31:17]
You gotta pay the cost to be the boss – MA [1:31:39]
The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask – Tony Robbins [1:32:00]
Ask yourself, how can I deliver more value? – MA [1:33:08]
The serenity prayer [1:33:23]
Why does our culture villainize the wealthy? [1:35:30]
Successful people tend to be the most generous [1:36:45]
Being aware of how the media influences you [1:37:28]
Die Hard Series [1:37:45]
What story are you telling yourself? [1:38:10]
Greed exists in environments of poverty and wealth – MA [1:39:30]
Understanding systems and pay structures [1:40:10]
Michael talks about understanding what business actually is [1:42:05]
Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson [1:43:44]
Taking ownership may be scary at first but it’s also where power lies – MA [1:46:17]
Supply and Demand [1:46:58]
Ask yourself, How can I add more value to earn more value? – MA [1:47:46]
If you don’t have a better opportunity, you haven’t outgrown where you’re at – MA [1:48:35]
Be honest with yourself and ask yourself the tough questions, you’re worth it, you’re worth it – MA [1:52:38]
Things can be not my fault but still my responsibility – BD [1:53:06]
If popular beliefs really caused success then success would be a lot more popular BD [1:54:22]
Michael talks about his best friend growing up [1:55:27]
Michael’s initial response to poverty was control [1:57:09]
Control alone will not bring peace – MA [1:57:53]
I’m not perfect but I know what I’m talking about – MA 1:59:13- 1:59:43V
The Contract CFO Program [2:00:00]
The more help I have, the more helpful my business can become – MA 2:04:30
If the hardest workers were the most successful country clubs would be filled with ditch diggers – BD [2:05:47]
There are principles of success that make success predictable and there are principles of financial wellness, that can make financial wellness predictable – MA [2:06:00]
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