Michael Anthony here.

I'm a finance and life optimization expert.

What’s This Mean?

I help self-employed entrepreneurs like you, get more from their life. Money. Time. Career Path. Family.  

I’ve been there. Sucked big time at most of it. And still managed to fail forward to success! 

See, I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire and made a shit-ton of mistakes on the way. Fortunately, I’m passionate about sharing these lessons with my clients and followers! 

So What!? Why Should You Care?

Did you know that over 80% of millionaires are self employed.


That means only 2 out of 10 millionaires work for someone else! That’s crazy!!

So, while I’m not gonna hate on someone for working as an employee… I will say that if you want to accumulate wealth and do what YOU want in life, odds are, you’ll need to become self employed. 

The Secret No One Wants To Hear

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t a one time event. Once you are self employed, you certainly need to keep investing in yourself to STAY an entrepreneur! This is why Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all agree the greatest investment you can make in life, is in you!!  

Think about that…  

Our brain is a closed system. This means that until you invest in yourself and put new ideas into it, you’re going to be stuck with the same thoughts that are getting you your current results.   

Heck, I didn’t pop out of bed one morning and ring a bell that magically made me a self employed millionaire with inner peace and time freedom. And I’m pretty sure you won’t either.    

Not Even Close!

I’m the result of investing tens of thousands of hours over decades and going through over $250,000 worth of personal, business and money courses, coaching, therapy and events!   

If you think that number is bullshit, I won’t argue! I was blown away when I added it all up… and here’s the important lesson to learn.  

Start Small! 

If I hadn’t started investing in $5 cassettes and $10 books, I wouldn’t have eventually had the resources to invest $10,000+ in individual programs.   

So, start where you are, with what you have! Never despise small beginning. 

Simply Start!

My Gift to YOU!

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