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What’s This Mean?

I help Early Entrepreneurs, get more from their life.
More Money.
More Time.
More Peace.
And a heaven of a lot more Fulfillment.  

I’ve been where you are!

See, I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire and made a shit-ton of mistakes on the way.

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing these lessons with the KickAss Crew and Subscribers!

Did You Know?

Over 80% of Millionaires are self employed?!


That means only 2 out of 10 millionaires work for someone else!
🤯That’s bananas!!🤯

While I’m not gonna hate on you for working as an employee…
I will say, that if you want to get wealthy and OWN YOUR LIFE, learning to be an Entrepreneur is your best bet!

It takes lots of hard work and investing in yourself to become – and STAY – an Entrepreneur!

This is why Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all agree:
The greatest investment you can make, is in you!!

Think about that…  

Your brain is a closed system.
This means, unless you put new ideas into your mind, you’re going to be stuck with the same broke-ass thoughts that produce piss-poor results!

Investing in yourself matters!

I’m where I am today because of investing tens of thousands of hours – over decades – and taking over $250,000 worth of business coaching, courses, therapy and events!

Start Small! 

If I hadn’t started investing in myself with $5 cassettes and $10 books, I wouldn’t have invested in multiple 5 figure coaching programs.   

Here’s the important lesson to learn:
Start where you are, with what you have!
Never despise small beginnings!

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