The reality is most entrepreneurs can’t pay for their iPhone, let alone a private jet and Bentley… or Tesla 😉

Let’s keep it real!

Many “experts” are really bullshit artists speaking from theory, not experience!

  • I come from humble beginnings on welfare and at our best, a working class family
  • By the age of 16, I started 100% commission sales at music festivals

  • At the age of 19, I had my first full time, 100% commission job

  • At 22, I had my first (failed) business. (Who knew selling Christian Dance CD’s online wouldn’t take off?! SMH)

  • For 5 1/2 years
    I worked directly with and was mentored by New York Times Best Selling Author and money expert Dave Ramsey!  
  • I’ve started and run multiple highly profitable 6 and 7 figure businesses! 


  • By the age of 40 I became a Millionaire!

    I’ve coached dozens of early entrepreneurs to earning +$100,000 a year!

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