Show Notes

Intro & Drinks:

Think like a boss and take back your money  [0:35]
Welcome back Brian Delaney, the doctor of made up science [0:47]
Cheers to you, we made it through 2020 [2:02]
Comment and submit your questions; we want to hear from you! [3:40]
No more broken promises in 2021 – MA [4:06]
Let’s talk about the changes you’ve made in 2020 [4:29]
Why you should join the Kick Ass Crew [4:50]
We’re all about the results here at The Contract CFO Show – MA[5:06]
Is the Contract CFO one-on-one coaching for you? [5:21]
Change the thoughts, change the habits, and create a new life – MA [5:30]
Why are we not living in the Jetson’s world? [5:54]
Brian wants a robot assistant [6:30]
2020 was a ‘what the fuck?’ year so Michael went to Mexico [6:50]

Cheers to you [7:47]
Michael smuggled Herradura Tequila back from Mexico [7:47]
It’s good to have ebb and flow and right now is a little more to the flow – MA [8:29]
Cheers to you for surviving 2020 [8:58]
So often life will throw us the curves but the beauty is found in those curvy surprises [9:35]
2020 handed us a new bag of tricks to learn [10:15]
Let’s not wish for  2021 to be easier. Instead, let’s wish for us to be better [10:38]
A renaissance always follows the dark ages [11:16]
Make 2021 your own personal renaissance – MA [11:30]
The old has passed away and the new has come to stay [11:49]
This is the year to become fully engaged [12:13]
Even if the circumstances aren’t different, I will be – BD  [12:43]
I’m gonna come into this new year with my values aligned, my goals set, and 100% completely engaged – BD [12:37]
If you are possible, so is ‘it’ [13:43]
If you’re here, you’ve hit the cosmic lottery – MA [14:01]
The Kick Ass Crew [14:16]
12 years ago the financial crisis hit [14:20]
Michael got caught with his pants down in 2008 [15:05]
Downturns happen, how will you respond? [15:44]
Michael made a promise to himself to learn money and business [16:09]
Michael talks about his accomplishments of 2020 [17:05]
This is your opportunity [17:39]
New year, new me [17:58]
How to get a new result in 2021 [18:19]
Don’t get caught in the safety of just dreaming [18:41]
Seth Godin’s False Dreams [18:45]
Don’t set goals so high that there’s safety in not achieving them [19:09]
Start 2021 with achievable goals and build momentum [19:43]
Goal setting [20:10]
Goal vs Commitments  [20:26]
How to not sabotage yourself with goals [20:40]
What’s the story you’re telling yourself about your circumstance? [21:05]
Stoic Indifference aka Detachment [21:13]
Be careful of the meaning you apply to a circumstance – BD [21:39]
Give yourself room to approach things a little different and say: The future will be shaped by the things I do, the things I believe, and the ways I grow [21:44]
Who are you surrounding yourself with? [22:18]
Last year doesn’t dictate this year [22:28]
Small changes lead to bigger changes [22:48]
James Clear Atomic Habits [22:57]
Growth happens 4% outside of our comfort zone [23:00]
The things that are in your life today may not be the things you want but they are the things that are supported [23:17]
If you’re always at the scene of the crime, you may not be the victim, you might be the perpetrator [23:44]
Stop supporting the things holding you back – BD [24:10]
Fruits come from roots [25:03]
What are you feeding your mind? [25:18]
Why Michael created the Kick Ass Crew [26:05]
I believe in you and I believe in the Kick Ass Crew – MA [26:45]
Is $1K worth a new lease on life for you? [27:16]
Life Transformation can happen for you [27:41]
Register to win a spot on the Kick Ass Crew [28:03]
Quit slackin’ and make shit happen [28:22]
Looking forward is looking back and learning [29:14]
Your rearview mirror is there for a reason [29:29]
Michael shares what he learned in 2020 [30:00]
A year of readjustment and resetting [30:10]
Nothing happened as planned for Michael [31:11]
Growth doesn’t happen in comfortable places [32:21]
The Contract CFO Show was not part of the plan [32:33]
Sometimes slow is fast [33:41]
Stop and ask yourself, what’s the deeper purpose? [33:57]
Michael talks about the shift in his business due to Covid [34:35]
Let go of the ego – MA [35:11]
The principle of money [35:51]
Slowing down is hard for someone who likes to win, but sometimes it’s necessary to win [36:19]
Death to self is a good thing [36:45]
Stop Thinking Like An Employee: 3 Keys to Take Control of Your Money by Michael Anthony [37:00]
Flexibility is vital to success – MA [37:17]
Seek to serve others first [37:25]
Brian has a lot to celebrate [38:05]
You get right and your business gets right [38:39]
The Contract CFO Coaching is like couples counseling for you and your business – BD [39:00]
You’re wanting something consistent from your business, but you’re not giving something consistent to your business.That might be a problem [39:35]
Brian’s dreams are coming true [40:26]
If this is happening for me can it happen for others too – BD [40:38]
Brian was able to buy the car of his dreams [41:34]
If I can venture into this place, what else is possible? – BD [42:17]
I was in a recession resistant business, I just didn’t have recession resistant habits – BD [42:55]
Mike and Brian broke up a few times over 2020 [43:42]
Brian talks about his accomplishments and celebrates with Michael [44:19]
Michael cheers Brian for being payed up on his taxes [45:35]
You won’t know good it feels until you put the weight of the stress down [46:22]
If you say I’m bragging, I’m saying you’re jealous [46:58]
Brian talks about how his business life and personal life are finally aligned [47:51]
OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act [48:22]
You cannot put a price on being financially secure and free [48:43]
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu [49:00]
Share your wins in the comments, by sending us a DM, or on the website [49:30]
Nothing worthwhile happens overnight – MA [50:12]
Michael is now a Tesla owner [51:34]
5 years of Tesla dreaming [52:42]
My head said ’yes’ but my heart said ‘no’ – MA [53:51]
Order matters in life – MA  [54:36]
Living to give is the secret sauce in life – MA [55:27]
I’m only here as the result of people reaching out to me – MA [55:58]
I was a hoodrat destined for f*ckery [56:41]
Michael talks about the people impacted by $40k for 40 [58:27]
Michael’s Dream board [1:00:25]
I am worthy to have what I desire and work for – MA [1:01:29]
The guys discuss what it takes to save money  [1:02:28]
Live like a boss, look for deals [1:02:54]
Michael talks about looking at a new Model 3 Tesla [1:03:31]
Michael is reminded of his journey [1:06:36]
Thank you Jesus I saved $30k [1:07:09]
Brian is being challenged by Michael [1:07:39]
Brian talks about wanting a Rolls Royce [1:08:33]
Don’t underestimate the power of “Not Yet” [1:08:57]
Aligning your decisions with your boundaries [1:09:37]
Work with symmetry [1:09:45]
Is this really what I want and is it beneficial? [1:10:53]
All things are permissible but not beneficial [1:11:19]
Why not buy new? [1:11:47]
Order Matters [1:12:25]
Does this investment steal from my future or add to it? [1:13:07]
Just because I can doesn’t mean it’s beneficial [1:13:20]
I can only lead where I go [1:13:40]
Ballers pay in full and in cash [1:15:00]
I didn’t not want uncertainty around my dream – MA [1:15:21]
I can have anything, but what’s the cost? [1:17:59]
To thine ownself be true [1:18:55]
Every day I have a peace of mind [1:20:27]
If you disagree with Michael, drop your opinion in the comments [1:20:53]
Get engaged with us – What did you pay cash for that other people finance? [1:21:16]
I own this and this doesn’t own me [1:21:16]
What are you saving towards? [1:21:54]
The difference between ‘I deserve this’ and ‘I’ve earned this’ [1:22:15]
‘Deserve’ steals from our future [1:22:33]
The promise land was only for the free mind not the servant mind [1:22:58]
The promise land is not the things we can buy, it’s the things we can give – BD [1:23:18]
There’s a supernatural link between radical generosity and unshakable fulfillment [1:23:39]
Give first before buying [1:24:24]
If you don’t celebrate, those around won’t be able to either [1:25:59]
Wrapping it up [1:26:13]
2021 is your fresh start [1:26:45]
Join the Kick Ass Crew [1:26:49]
Go higher, go deeper [1:27:18]
What are you watching, listening, and reading? [1:27:35]
Cheers to you and to 2021 [1:27:46]

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