Addiction to praise almost ruined my life.” – Michael Anthony

Being an entrepreneur, it’s natural to seek affirmation while navigating seas of the unknown. When praise becomes our driving force is when it can get toxic.

In this episode, we talk about how to build your confidence while navigating the business world. I discuss how I nearly ruined my life by putting work and praise before my family and how I turned that situation around. Brian takes a moment to reflect on how he entered the insurance business and the mental shift that came with that new venture.

We dive into why it’s so important to have your priorities aligned with your values. And how consistency is the ultimate key to success – not big flashy deals and promises of wealth. Finally, we touch on how doing the right thing may require an enormous amount of courage and some grit, but it will be worth it in the long run.


Show Notes

Intro and Liquor:
Michael is drinks Olmeca Altos margarita tequila – the best bang for your buck [1:00]
Michael gets woke [2:04]
Brian pours a glass of High West Prairie Bourbon [2:24]
Michael talks about his surprise bourbon tasting for father’s day [3:22]
Go get your own drink [4:17]
Michael gives a review on Jack Daniels Sinatra [4:35]
Brains discuss his love for Arnold Palmer + Titos = The John Daly drink [6:10]
Michael has a secret love for pink lemonade [7:10]
Life is more than just making money [8:00]
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Word Association [9:00]
Fear is a clever trap. Brian’s fears are always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His fears are always in the clever disguise of virtue [10:00]
Your shortcomings do not define who you are – MA [11:27]
Fear is often disguised as reasonable and rational – BD [11:33]
If you’re listening, join us in this exercise – MA [12:30]
Fear is a lie, it’s angst, deception, playing small, minimizing myself and others. Fear is controlling, it seeks to control but can also be a catalyst for growth – MA [13:00]
Everything else I do in life doesn’t matter in comparison who I am for my family and what I do with them – MA [14:30]

Main Topic:
Chasing praise over compensation Part 2 – MA [14:45 ]
I have failed multiple times at this – MA [15:00]
Jiro Dreams of Sushi – BD [16:40]
Crazy is what moves this world forward – MA [17:53 ]
Crazy attracts crazy – BD [19:00]
Michael discusses the struggle to becoming an entrepreneur [19:20]
If you want to be an entrepreneur, you’re crazy and that’s a good thing – MA [19:54]
Colonel Sanders and KFC [20:13]
Michael Angelo painted the Sistine Chapel at 70 [20:25]
Commit to your success, join the Contract CFO Program [20:42]
Removing fear from your life and business, the Contract CFO Program [21:15] [22:35]
Nostalgia is a trap – BD [23:26]
Nostalgia is a trap and karma is a bitch MA [23:37]
Being aware of what you can control in life and take ownership and responsibility for it [24:35]
If you’re going to live to 80, you only really have a solid 30 years to go about life  [25:19]
What’s your excuse? We need you, this world needs you to be who are meant to be – MA [25:46]
Don’t let you past rob your of your present and steal from your future – MA [26:10]
It’s not too late unless you don’t start now – BD [26:31]
We can judge a society about how we take care of the most vulnerable – BD [26:52]
Greek Proverb: Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in – BD [27:22]
Quit being a victim and let people injuring you BD [28:40]
Grandma and Grandpa always sit by themselves but it wasn’t always that way [29:00]
Brian loves his adjustable bed [29:30]
I already know what happens at home, why would I stay there and never explore or take risk? -BD [29:45]
When you stop pushing on a rut it becomes a grave – BD [30:00]
Brian’s Great Aunt is a legend “I’ll have your finest beer” [30:34]
Brain’s Great Aunt locks herself in the basement but doesn’t wait to be rescued BD [31:00]
Don’t bury yourself before you die,  let other people do that – BD [31:10]
We’re all going to get old but we don’t have to get tired – BD [31:38]
Now is 100% the best time to change – BD [32:00]
A studio engineering degree won’t get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks – MA [34:00]
If we’re feeling pressure in the present it’s because we don’t have a vision for tomorrow – MA [34:26]
How to become magically rich overnight, win the lottery – MA [35:00]
What it takes to become a millionaire – MA [35:20]
What it takes to earn six figure income – Ma [35:45]
You must invest in yourself to become more valuable – MA [36:09]
You cannot use fuel from an old vision to fuel the present – BD [36:40]
It’s time to redraft the plan – BD [37:19]
Your plan has to be big enough to create some pressure that will produce the drive BD [37:38]
Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable – MA [37:55]
Climb out of the backseat of your life into the driver’s seat – BD [38:11]
The backseat is comfortable and allows you to complain – BD [38:40]
Who’s driving your car? [39:00]
Get a plan and take responsibility for your journey – BD [39:10]
Praise is a trap [39:40]
Employees and entrepreneurs that are motivated by praise and significance, let’s talk – MA [40:00]
Tony Robbins – [40:19]
Addiction to praise almost ruined my life – MA [41:20]
I almost ruined my marriage because I was chasing praise – MA [41:50]
Brain’s iPad dies [42:22]
Michael talks about working in nonprofit and in the Christian music industry [43:27]
Rolling Stone Magazine Article [44:34]
Michael discuss his take on religion, theology and spirituality [45:00]
We feel shame about areas we are not reconciled with – MA [45:38]
Michael talks about the business and life mistakes he made in his 20s [46:00]
I love Jesus but don’t care for religion – MA [46:32]
Doing the right things and trusting god will take care of you is not how it works [47:00]
God doesn’t want a codependent relationship with you [47:15]
It’s easy to abdicate the power and authority we have over our own life to another power, don’t fall for it [47:33]
Don’t give up your responsibility for growth and development in the name of surrender to a higher power [48:24]
It’s easy to blame God for your lack of progress but it’s not God’s fault, it’s yours [49:00]
It’s easy to be confused and naïve when we are young [49:30]
I believe God would wave the wand and make me insta rich. I was playing the lottery, and I lost – MA [50:00]
Craving praise is unhealthy [51:00]
It’s ok to want to know that you’re doing good and the right thing but don’t let it drive you [51:17]
Michael talks about being a badass booking agent and promoter for christian artists [52:21]
Seeking praise and external acceptance took the place of my family – MA [53:00]
Letting good people take the wrong position in your life leads to dysfunction [54:00]
Michael talks about the danger of letting others feed his need significance – MA [54:55]
Female CEO’s feel they have a lot to prove because there’s so much going against them Be careful not to fall into the praise trap [55:28]
Our culture fails to celebrate hard-working women [56:00]
Why the CEO cheats on his wife with the receptionist [56:50]
We have an innate need for significance that’s not wrong, learn to recognize when it is dysfunctional – BD [57:35]
Where Michael is at today – work is what I do but it does not define me – MA [58:35]
When you’re out of alignment, you’ll give your best at work and have nothing to give to those at home [59:00]
it’s not too late to turn your life around [59:24]
Ask yourself, ‘Will this keep me warm and wipe my ass 20 years later?’ [1:00:28]
The reward of being rightly aligned in life is huge [1:01:07]
Michael talks about repositioning himself, transitioning to sales and coming home to his daughter running into his arms [1:01:45]
If you missed today, don’t miss tomorrow – MA [1:02:09]
We feel the pressure for instant change when we don’t have a plan for tomorrow – MA [1:02:29]
I haven’t done it up to now so I can’t do it moving forward mentality is fatal – BD [1:02:50]
Stop putting conditions on change – BD [1:03:00]  [1:03:45]
Other people will always put self-limiting beliefs on you because they want you safe or to fail – BD [1:04:35]
Scarcity mindset vs abundance [1:05:00]
Brain talks about learning to value his Fiance [1:05:22]
When you don’t have momentum it’s hard to do the right thing, don’t use that as an excuse [1:06:00]
Know better. Do better – BD [1:06:15]
You need to know when you’re going too far at work and taking away from the people that actually matter at home – BD [1:07:00]
It’s hard work to be excellent – BD [1:07:10]
It’s not what can we do, it’s what can we do consistently and long enough that will make you successful – BD [1:07:30]
Consistency and sustainability, they must go together – BD [1:07:43]
Attention seeking vs attention getting behaviors [1:07:59]
Excellence only matters when it’s built on a foundation of consistency BD [1:08:19]
Stop playing your business and potential like it’s the lottery – BD [1:09:37]
Lottery is luck and success is skill – BD [1:09:40]
Skills take work and time to build – MA [1:09:47]
Chop wood + carry water = success [1:10:33]
Don’t judge your chapter 1 against someone else’s chapter 15 – MA [1:10:44]
Leaders eat last – MA [1:11:38]
Do what has to be done – MA [1:11:45]
You’re only competing against yourself – MA [1:11:56]
Work begets work, whatever we do we get more of – MA [1:12:18]
You need to be fucking selfish about our life. No one else is going to run your race for you – MA [1:12:56]
What do we do when shit happens? – MA [1:13:19]
The area you’re most insecure in is the area you will be the most needy for praise – BD [1:13:49]
External praise is supposed to be a temporary bridge until you build confidence in yourself – BD [1:14:00]
If you’re going to make money you’re going to have to hear a lot of no’s first – BD [1:14:32]
You have to know you’re doing the right thing even when the perceived outcome isn’t what you thought it would be [1:14:56]
Build your internal feedback loop – self assurance [1:15:18]
I’d always rather do the right thing and be wrong than do the wrong thing and be right – BD [1:15:31]
If you let yourself be manipulated for too long, you will become a manipulator – BD [1:16:17]
Sometimes it’s about just getting on base, just hitting a single – BD [1:17:14]
If you don’t hit the singles you won’t be around for the home runs – MA [1:17:34]
Your reality is the cumulative consequences of your choices [1:18:29]
Consistency is king – MA [1:18:47]
Michael talks about body image  [1:19:11]
Michale discusses the ups and down of dieting [1:20:43]
The philosophy of cheat day [1:21:11]
If we don’t address the root issues in our lives, nothing will change – MA [1:21:21]
It’s important to get your mind off of an abbreviated timeline [1:21:36]
What sacrifices am I making consistently that will lead me to what I want? [1:22:19]
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth [1:23:19]
Motivation alone does not lead to success [1:23:52}
Zig Ziglar [1:24:05]
If you do the right things long enough, the right things will show up [1:24:39]
Start small with consistency and build on the daily wins [1:25:17]
Consistency is everything [1:25:46]
Life is lived in the gray, success is found in the gray – MA [1:27:19]
People spend billion of dollars in marketing to lie and convince you, you deserve things you haven’t earned – MA [1:27:59]
Don’t let other people’s opinion of you or things own you – MA [1:28:49]
There is not material thing worth you giving up your destiny for – MA [1:29:10]
There are billion of dollars being spent to convince you you’re missing out on something [1:29:45]
Motivation is a state – BD  [1:30:15]
What a good market does well is offer you something that will change your state – BD [1:30:23]
State is alignment of body mind and soul [1:30:49]
Don’t give away your power to someone who manipulate your state – you control your state [1:31:29]
Only you can control your emotions – no one can “make” you feel anything it’s all your choice [1:32:18]
The Contract CFO is bullshit free, real talk [1:32:42]
Retail therapy is actually retail control. It makes you feel in control of something – BD [1:32:58]
I can’t have only 90% control of my thought process and be in the top earners – BD [1:34:00]
When I could agree to a point and disagree to a point and still ask clarifying questions. That’s when I knew I was free. – BD  [1:34:22]
The more I try proved myself right, the more invested I become in who I’ve been rather than getting invested in who I’m becoming – BD [1:35:03]
Any idea with 10 years of applied intention will make your successful – BD [1:35:43]
Brian speaks about entering the insurance world [1:36:45]
Michael talks about how his parents almost divorced over an MLM [1:37:11]
If you want to work like a regular person, go get a regular job, and get an average paycheck, entrepreneurship isn’t for you. [1:38:45]
Our security must be in the value we provide not the praise we get on the outside – BD [1:39:25]
Brain talks about Walmart robots [1:40:10]
You doing the right thing and adding value to others will build you security, not promises of other people – BD [1:40:28]
John D. Rockefeller [1:41:26]
The wealthiest people are often major philanthropists at their core [1:41:57]
Michael talks about how he made his 40th birthday significant [1:42:36 ]
Understanding the gift of giving [1:43:33]
Any business where you have to pay to have a job you’re fucked – MA [1:46:13]
You cannot be a successful entrepreneur with an employee mindset – MA [1:47:54]
Michael talks about the responsibilities of a business owner [1:49:29]
As a business owner you’re no longer the cup waiting to be filled, you’re now the pitcher pouring water into the cups – MA [1:49:47]
It’s important to switch your mindset from “I need” to “I create” – BD [1:50:22]
Don’t beat yourself if you’re at the “I need” stage. Be aware of where you’re at and keep moving forward [1:50:53]
If you need stability leverage the stability that you have in your life to create stability in other places where it doesn’t exist – BD [1:51:19]
You can have anything you want you just can’t have everything you want – BD [1:51:36]
The right thing at the wrong time is disastrous – BD [1:51:59]
What’s the next thing you’re not wanting to do? That’s where you need to start working [1:52:24]
Because you don’t want to, you must – BD [1:52:58]
What are you hesitating to execute on? – BD [1:53:42]
If you have to think about it, you don’t have to think about it, it’s not for you – MA [1:55:10]
Don’t settle because of FOMO – fear of missing out [1:55:41]
What fears are holding you back and keeping your mind shut to possibilities? [1:56:34]
Sometimes we make commitments in the present that our future can’t handle – BD [1:57:01]
Michael talks about making the best decisions possible with the information you have [1:58:13]
It’s the little lessons we learn every day that will ultimately shape our future selves – MA [1:58:55]
Choose to grow and evolve every day [1:59:29]
Life is not black and white, it’s gray [2:00:00]
The small daily habits are what create our greatness, or our own demise [2:00:22]
Are you voting for your past self or new self? Your actions are the ballots being cast [2:01:03]
Every day we are reborn and so are the opportunities  [2:02:35]
Brian talks about getting in the driver’s of your own life [2:02:51]
A calm confidence comes from knowing you did your best each and every day – BD [2:03:00]
Self judgement in a negative sense, never promotes change. Grace to give yourself a chance to get back up. – MA [2:03:47]
Grace is life giving and keep us going – MA [2:04:17]
Just get the shit you need to, done [2:04:49]
Business is growth, life is growth, finances is growth – MA [2:05:08]
If you’re in a job or relationship that is not serving you, you deserve better – MA [2:06:00]
Be brave enough to do what is right for you and for those around you – MA [2:06:14]
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