Welcome to The Contract CFO Show. Today Brian and I talk about the importance of mindset. We answer a question from one of our listeners and discuss what to do if you’re in a job you hate and have a boss who’s less than awesome.

We break down the characteristics of a true leader and how to become one despite whatever position you hold. I wrap it up by letting you all know that I want to hear from you! Please comment or submit your questions, topic suggestions, or wins by using the form on the website: www.MichaelAnthonyTV.com

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Show Notes

Welcome to the Contract CFO Podcast 1:28
We are looking for frequent flyers to fly to the top with us. We mean you!  [2:30]
Cheers to you [3:11]
The big things are few and far between, learn to celebrate the small things – MA [4:13]
Go to www.MichaelAnthonyTV.com and use the comment form to tell us what you’re celebrating [5:08]
What you focus on you get more of – BD [5:53]
Brian talks about staying excited and positive about life [6:42]
Brian is drinking High West and finished his bottle [7:34]
Brian cheers beautiful relationships and to the complexity and the perfection of relationships [8:00]
Go grab your drink and celebrate with us [8:57]
Put gratitude in your heart and let it flourish – MA [9:24]
Michael cheers to everyone listening [9:39]
If it’s raining shit and manure, guess what? Manure brings a harvest – MA  [10:24]
If you feel shame over being an aspiring entrepreneur, that’s the haters you need to cut out or that’s bullshit in your head that you need to reprogram – MA [11:00]
It’s not a finite life, it’s an infinite life – MA [12:00]
Life happens at the intersection of being the best we’ve ever been and the worst we will ever be – BD [12:05]
A grind happens when we lose sight of our purpose – MA [13:00]
Michael talks about taking a break without needing money [14:20]
Money isn’t required to relax – MA [14:55]
If we don’t learn how to unplug when we have nothing, we will just spend a lot of money not unplugging. – MA [15:00]
Stress + Rest = Success – BD [15:19]

Things that are in our life are there because they are supported – BD [16:10]
Strength without flexibility is fragility – BD [16:40]
Work with Symmetry [17:33]
Go comment on our YouTube video to join the conversation [18:39]

Ask Michael Anthony
Listener Ken hates his job, hates his boss, and doesn’t know what to do [19:25]
Why do you hate your job? [20:20]
There are some things you have to do in order to get to the things you want – BD [20:45]
The importance of becoming more self aware [22:17]
Be courageous enough to ask hard questions  [20:25]
The level enjoyment on a job has to do with your mindset – MA [22:55]
He who has a why to live can almost live any how – Friedrich Nietzsche [23:58]
The Importance of mindset [25:28]
Michael talks about his trip to Cabo [26:26]
Uncertainty brings up old memories for Michael  [29:31]
Have you ever been to a latino wedding? [31:50]
Making a short story long [33:50]
CFO Contract program [34:30]
Michael talks about the end of his trip in Cabo [37:38]
People who have never run a business have zero authority to create protocols and bureaucracy for people who do – MA [38:00]
Life isn’t always easy but it will always work itself out – MA [40:00]
Sometimes all you can say is ‘this is the fire that I’m going to be thankful for’ – BD [41:05]
Brian talks about his son and fiance being a source of positivity in his life [42:00]
Sometimes life is shit and in those moments it’s important to understand your ‘why’ – MA [42:45]
Find your why [42:50]
Michael talks about being on a shoe-string budget and trying to support his family [43:41]
If you don’t like your job, there’s two ways to get out of it; work so poorly, that you get fired or work so well that they can’t afford to keep you there – BD [44:56]
If you’re struggling, know that the bad days are only temporary – MA [45:43]
Brian breaks down the meaning of Purpose. Purpose = Pure pose, The Forward Stance [45:50]
The goal is to get to a place where It doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, because what’s going on inside of me is so strong – BD [46:45]
If you fall, fall on your back. If you can look up, you can get up – Les Brown [47:10]
Linchpin by Seth Godin [47:30]
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl [47:47]
When we accept our autonomy from circumstances, we begin to live a life that’s not dictated by circumstances. – BD [48:30]
Just because something scary, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage it courageously – BD [49:50]
Don’t use your values as an excuse to bow to fear [50:22]
Fear is an elaborate trap, make sure you don’t get caught up in it – BD [50:40]
Don’t let the necessity of what you have ruin the imagination of what could come – BD [51:37]
A limiting belief system is built on a foundation of fear – MA [52:28]
FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real – MA [52:53]
Your limiting beliefs do not just impact you, it affect everyone you’re leading and influencing – MA [53:33]
We’ve got it start to take back our own authority in our life, rather than giving it to other people – MA [54:21]
A safe life is not the goal. How am I supposed to safely arrive at death? – BD [54:40]
The goal isn’t to live long, the goal is to die empty – BD [55:00]
My value will not be recognized if I’m in the wrong context. You need to develop a context where your value will be recognized – BD [55:57]
Stop looking for what you should be creating – BD [56:10]
Why people in America don’t become entrepreneurs [56:45]
Cars aren’t meant to be in a museum they’re meant to be driven – MA [57:30]
You are a badass mother fucking Ferrari and you’re living the life of a fucking Pinto. It’s no wonder that you feel empty, desperate, hollow and depressed. You’re meant for passion. You are meant to live with purpose. Believe in yourself and go get it – MA [57:46]
Brian talks about his dad [59:00]
You need to start recognizing your own skills and affirming yourself [59:48]
Learn to appreciate yourself [1:00:20]
Positivity and success will not come to us, they only come through us – BD [1:00:48]
Are you expecting the fire to give you heat without giving it wood? [1:02:45]
The John Maxwell leadership scale [1:03:11]
The Motive: Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibilities by Patrick Lencioni [1:04:1]
Once you sip from the glass of impact you cannot put it down – BD [1:04:20]
Everyone wants to get the reward of being a leader without the responsibility [1:04:35]
If you’re not leading your own life you won’t be able to lead others – MA [1:05:23]
The difference between managing and leading [1:6:01]
How to think like a boss: Say less, do more [1:06:33]
Leadership principles are the same no matter what position you hold [1:07:29]
The Serenity Prayer [1:08:15]
Michael talks about using journaling as a means of therapy [1:09:57]
Life is going to give you what you’ve prepared for and what you demand of it – MA [1:11:59]
If you fire your boss are you capable of leading yourself? – MA [1:12:32]
Become the leader you wish your boss would be – MA [1:13:26]
Change your mentality so you’re not running from something but instead you’re moving towards something – MA [1:13:41]
A key principle in life is If we’re running from something, eventually we’re going to stop running, and it’s going to catch up to us. – MA [1:14:08]
The fundamental reshaping of yourself [1:14:20]
Sometimes we can, we can get so wrapped up in circumstances, that we get amnesia and we forget who we are and what we’re about – BD [1:15:12]
Thank you Ken for submitting a question! [1:15:47]
We have the freedom to choose our life and who we are going to be [1:16:04]
Find your ‘Pure Pose’ – your power stance, your why [1:16:20]
Find that stance that moves you forward [1:16:40]
Contentment comes from within – MA [1:18:24]
The goal is to embrace the freedom of choice and choosing who you want to be at every moment – MA [1:19:00]
Life gives you an opportunity to grow, so learn from it [1:20:45]
Pure Pose is approaching the day, with a fresh dose of courage and humility, and willingness to learn and willingness to teach – BD [1:21:40]
Brian talks about the process he went through refinancing his house [1:23:51]
Don’t let your response be dictated by the heat of the moment instead of your values – BD [1:24:10]
Don’t give away your power. You control you on a good day [1:24:40]
Speak truth, in love [1:25:36]
Michael talks about letting go of things that don’t matter [1:27:25]
Will holding onto a situation benefit you? 1:28:15
How are you growing yourself? [1:129:26]
This podcast is sponsored by years of therapy [1:30:30]
If you’re willing to settle, you’re not being honest with yourself, you don’t really want to be successful – MA [1:31:12]
Download Michael’s ebook: Stop thinking like an employee – MA [1:31:45]
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