Show Notes

Intro & Drinks:
Join the Kick Ass Crew [1:03]
Think like a boss and take back your money  [1:35]
Welcome back Brian Delaney [2:10]
Fatman – Christmas movie [2:39]
Be a generous human and share the show [3:36]
Watch on YouTube to see Michael’s Christmas jacket [4:08]
Winners listen but leaders watch – BD [4:23]
Looking is free, touching is gonna cost you something – Blades of Glory [4:49]
This episode is dedicated to taking the time to reflect on this year [5:08]
What have you done this year to get you the results you want? [5:54]
The 2mm Rule – Tony Robbins [6:15]
This is a time to slow down and be thankful [6:40]

Cheers to you [7:32]
Michael is drinking Evan Williams Eggnog [7:54]
Wyoming Whiskey for Brian [8:29]
Fan of the show Michael Vigil drink tequila while listening [9:13]
Eggnog was a bad choice, potentially – MA [9:35]
Cheers to you and your wins – MA [9:48]
Big or small wins both lead to more winning – MA [10:10]
Everything worthwhile is uphill – @zoworthen  [10:35]
Cheers to you Zoe [10:50]
Healthy activities lead to a healthy life – MA [11:30]
Michael shares a humble brag [11:49]
Michael talks about the team behind Michael Anthony [12:40]
Private victories tend to be more important than the public ones – MA [13:59]
Michael reads an email from an employee that touched him [14:45]
My heart’s desire is to impact lives – MA [15:32]
Register to win a spot on The Kick Ass Crew [15:44]
Brian talks about working from a place of rest vs anxiety [16:50]
What does it look like for you to recover? [17:04]
Watching others learn the business makes Brian happy [18:20]
Conscious Incompetence [18:37]
Brian talks about fishing in the snow and ice [19:10]
It’s not the strongest that survives, it’s the most adaptable. It’s survival of the fittest, not the strongest; those who are able to most fit [20:25]
Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break [20:40]
Leaders take and multiply not take and hold 21:20
Cheers to just being in a time of year where we can reset, refresh, and re-approach life in any way we want [21:21]
The next version of your life is on the other side of a new perspective – BD [22:10]
Go to [22:43]
What do you want in the new year? [23:19]
Register to win one of the 25 spots on the Kick Ass Crew [23:34]
Success comes down to simplicity and doing the right things over and over – MA [25:08]

Ask Michael Anthony:
Go to and submit a question [25:24]
We want to have a conversation with you! [26:48]
Get open and honest, bullshit free answers [27:08]
Brian reads a question from an anonymous listener and applauds him for raising his credit score  [27:49]
Listener asks for advice on refinancing on a car loan [28:17]
Credit scores are not everything but they’re still a big deal – MA [28:50]
I feel a rabbit trail coming on! – MA [29:27]
Michael talks about banks not giving him a loan because of no credit [31:09]
Don’t get caught up in credit score jargon – MA [32:55]
Think like a boss to be a boss – MA [33:10]
Your credit score needs to be a byproduct of your focus on financial health and wellbeing [33:29]
Everything in life and finances works on a J curve [33:58]
Focus on your financial health and wellbeing and everything will fall into alignment [34:20]
Your credit score is the fruit, and your behaviors are the root. If you want to change that number, change your behaviors – MA [34:44]
I’ll respect you, when you take responsibility for the results of your actions [36:40]
Don’t get hoodwinked by a bank [38:08]
If a loan shark offers you 15% that’s pretty good, take it – MA [38:55]
Michael talks about reduction of interest [40:20]
The bank is not your friend [40:50]
Evaluate your values on a daily basis [41:48]
How to turn a tough lesson into an empowering situation [42:48]
Refinance Episode [44:13]
Put on a bee net if you’re getting stung [43:23]
Sometimes we get so caught up in a bad decision we begin punishing ourselves instead of owning it and undoing it – BD [45:55]
Cars are a depreciating asset [46:22]
Submit your questions at [47:26]
Work with Symmetry [47:38]
It’s time to take control of your life [48:21]

Main Topic
Michael sings a Christmas song to Brian [48:30]
This is the Christmas episode [48:59]
Michael was an anti-tradition person [49:30]
The importance of developing traditions [49:54]
Brian doesn’t like decorating for holidays [50:23]
I work every year on my birthday just to make a point to myself that I’m not ‘there’ yet [50:54]
Brian’s bathroom has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland [51:34]
Mugs are for drinking from, not decorating with [52:17]
Brian put up his first Christmas tree and decorated for the first time as an adult this year [53:00]
Michael talks about his “Home Alone” house [53:30]
What size house do you have where someone can be forgotten in a room? – MA [54:00]
A real boss knows how to have fun without having to spend money [55:18]
Michael buys two pallets of Christmas decorations [56:18]
Who has the authority to say yes? [57:06]
Traditions create space for gratitude [58:47]
Jesus has had some shitty PR since his birthday [59:50]
You’re going to be in this situation at some point where your life gets boiled down to something, one thing, what will it be? [1:01:50]
Life happens, treasure the time you have now, and make sure you stand for something [1:02:41]
Life is a gift. What is the legacy you’re leaving behind? [1:03:30]
Traditions are memories that tell a bigger story [1:03:59]
Brian talks about his grandfather [1:4:30]
Michael talks about the value of Emotional Equity [1:6:38]
It’s easy to distract yourself [1:07:09]
Brian shows off his wall of ‘thank you’ notes [1:08:08]
2021 is going to be one heaven of a year because we’re choosing it to be – MA [1:08:08]
If you want 2021 to be different sign up for the Kick Ass Crew [1:09:35]
Be safe and practice gratitude this holiday season – MA [1:09:54]
Grow yourself and grow your gratitude [1:10:13]
Michael thanks Brian for being on the show [1:10:33]
Here’s to a merry 2021 [1:11:10]
Keep an eye out for the next episode which drops on New year’s day [1:20:03]

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