“It’s not where you started or what has happened to you. It’s about where you’re at today and what you’re doing moving forward.” – Tyler Cerny

Do you have anxiety when it comes to sales?
Are you struggling to know how to scale your business?

In this episode of The Contract CFO Show, we answer these questions and a bunch more!

Our guest this week is Tyler Cerny. Tyler is an International Marketing, Branding, and Sales Consultant. He specializes in closing high ticket products and services and is here to help you do the same.

We discuss Tyler’s journey into becoming an elite salesman and closer and what it took for him to get there. Tyler gives a few practical tips on what to do if you feel ‘stuck’ in your business and we discuss pipelines, lead generation, and how to price your services and products.

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~Michael Anthony

Show Notes

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Tyler Cerny


Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways by Susan Jeffers

Tony Robbins

Jim Rhon

Click Funnels by Russell Brunson

Tai Lopez

The Secret by John Assaraf

The Kick Ass Crew


Michael Anthony YouTube

Michael Anthony Instagram

Michael Anthony Facebook

Show Notes


Welcome back to the show  [0:20]

Introducing Tyler Cerny: International Marketing, Branding, and Sales Consultant [0:33]

Why is Tyle our guest today?  [0:59]

Gold nuggets on today’s podcast [1:22]

Find Tyler on Instagram @tyler_Cerny [2:17]

The fee for the podcast: Share this episode! [2:50]

Cheers to you [3:35]

The big wins happen when you celebrate the little wins [3:40]

Micro accomplishments [3:57]

Entrepreneurship can be lonely [4:23]

Learn to celebrate all growth no matter how small [4:43]

I’m not superstitious, but I like superstition [5:09]

Tyler talks about his entrepreneur journey [5:50]

The art of persuading and influencing others [6:22]

Instagram is a great platform to be on  [6:38]

Building authority on social media [7:08]

You can’t have a predictable stream of business if you don’t have a marketing strategy that’s producing consistent leads [7:27]

How to charge for high-ticket items [7:36]

Having authority in your niche eliminates the need for you to sell as hard [7:57]

Make your client sell themselves to you [8:11]

10 to 1 value stack [8:40]

Does your offer provide 10x value of what you’re charging? [8:46]

Tyler is focusing on podcasts right now [9:15]

How Michael and Tyler met [9:27]

Tyler knows how to close high ticket sales [9:34]

Invest in your own growth [10:01]

Let’s have a real, honest conversation [10:58]

Where Tyler’s sales career started [11:12]

Tyler sold items and tickets to raise money in highschool [11:46]

Knock on more doors, making more sales [12:07]

Tyler talks about his childhood [12:38]

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I didn’t want to be limited – TC [13:05]

Tyler talks about his experience as an insurance salesman [13:50]

Working in downtown Cleveland [15:01]

Facebook ads for gym owners [15:47]

What does Thailand have to do with business? [16:50]

As an entrepreneur, things often don’t go normally to plan [17:48]

Tyler takes over [18:40]

Sheer volume [19:55]

Don’t get attached to a potential client [20:05]

Fill the pipeline with leads [20:14]

Know your audience [21:22]

Selling higher ticket items requires less energy [21:55]

Fill the pipeline with the right leads [22:16]

How to find higher ticket buyers [22:35]

You must believe in your product in order to sell it well [23:34]

Genuine communication is key [24:32]

To sell a product well you must first be a buyer yourself  [25:00]

Are you making the same investments you’re asking your customer to make? [25:04]

Find things you’re passionate about then make the investments yourself [25:33]

Money Mindset [26:00]

Money takes on the meaning, we give it [26:49]

What type of limiting beliefs does your buyer have? [27:07]

Tyler’s approach to selling  [27:55]

When it comes to high ticket, you want to make the product and pitch extremely unique [28:46]

Cheap clients, broke clients, and high paying clients  [28:56]

How Tesla sells [29:52]

You’re going to have people that will copy you. That means you’re doing something right [31:36]

Pitch Anything [32:31]

It’s not what you say to people, it’s how you make them feel [33:13]

How can you provide a unique experience for your customer? [34:17]

The Four Agreements [34:47]

Don’t take things personally [35:00]

If you judge people, you’re going to also feel judged  [36:04]

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways [36:48]

The concept of fear [36:49]

Focus on something bigger than yourself [37:51]

Work with Symmetry [38:28]

Work towards something bigger than you [39:18]

How can I be better today? [40:14]

How can I serve my client today?  [41:00]

Victim culture [41:26]

It’s all about love. Feel the love and then give it [42:12]

People want to feel loved [44:00]

Everything you want in life isn’t about the actual tangible item, it’s about how it makes you feel inside [44:22]

How Michael develops his self worth [45:28]

I made me who I am which brought good things into my life  [45:42]

If you’re letting the drive to buy things define you, you’re being pimped out [45:46]

The power of the five  [47:12]

You have to get crystal clear on what you want [47:34]

Who do I need to become to achieve my goals? [47:52]

The quality of our life is determined the questions we ask ourselves – Tony Robbins [49:26]

The definition of success [50:00]

Success: Doing what you want, when you want [50:10]

Jim Rhon [50:36]

True mentorship [51:08]

Leaders read [52:13]

If you charge high prices, people to value your product [52:43]

Click Funnels by Russell Brunson [52:44]

Books and raw conversations [53:34]

Find your clarity [53:38]

Books, mentorship, and events are full of gold for you [54:42]

Surround yourself with people that are better than you [54:51]

Tyler talks about events he’s been to that have changed his life [56:06]

In sales you must have conviction and confidence [57:42]

How we make decisions [58:17]

Glean information from people who are where you want to be in life [59:07]

Work with Symmetry [59:38]

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must invest in yourself [1:01:17]

Michael talks about his path towards financial freedom [1:02:31]

How to create new neural pathways [1:02:57]

Elephant poop [1:03:13]

Be curious [1:03:51]

I don’t have all the answers but I can find them [1:05:00]

Recap and review [1:05:34]

Tai Lopez [1:07:46]

The Secret by John Assaraf [1:07:59]

Creating a substantial plan of action [1:08:58]

How Covid affected my income [1:09:11]

Keep moving forward [1:09:59]

Why do you want this and what will you sacrifice to get it? [1:11:33]

Make sure you have money in the bank before you quit your day job [1:12:42]

Your mental game determines your success [1:13:29]

How to become an entrepreneur [1:13:33]

Are you struggling? [1:14:53]

It’s not where you started or what has happened to you. It’s about where you’re at today and what you’re doing moving forward – TC [1:15:37]