“You never know when you’re moments away from a breakthrough.”  – Michael Anthony

Do you feel like life has given you a consistent diet of shit sandwiches?
Are you struggling to find hope in the midst of your current life storm?

I’ve been there where you are at and found my way out. 
In this episode of The Contract CFO Show, I share how I became a millionaire by the age 40. But as you will hear, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine; There were countless obstacles I had to face and overcome both inwardly and outwardly.

Come, listen, and learn from my journey as I breakdown the steps I took to finding financial freedom despite all odds and even myself.

Take my lessons, learn from them, and walk away from this episode with renewed hope and vision. You are not alone and your future is worth fighting for!

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~Michael Anthony

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Join The Kick Ass Crew

The Joe Rogan
Experience Podcast


Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

Make a Wish Foundation

St. Jude Hospital

Finding Nemo: Dory

Beyond Willpower by Alexander Loyd



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Show Notes


A special show with Michael [0:20]

I help entrepreneurs discover their true self in order to create their ideal future [0:40]

Michael is going solo for this episode [1:10]

The Kick Ass Crew [1:16]

Michael talks about sharing within The Kick Ass Crew [2:00]

The purpose of The Contract CFO Show is to empower you to think differently [2:50]

Cheers to you

Cheers to the fans  [3:30]

Don’t drink and drive! [3:40]

This show is a celebration of you [4:02]

In entrepreneurship, numbers tell stories [4:15]

Joe Rogan [4:43]

The average podcast only makes it to 15 episodes [5:04]

Michael is celebrating episode #17 of the podcast [5:06]

Michael talks podcast numbers  [5:47]

Over 15% of The Contract CFO Show is outside of America [6:37]

I see you and I appreciate you! Drop a comment [8:44]

Michael is cheers-ing all the international listeners [9:32]

Main Topic

Do your part and help others [10:44]

A key in business that no one talks about is learning what to give up on [11:32]

The world is struggling  [11:45]

Never give up on yourself [12:30]

When we don’t quit, we win [13:15]

I’ve found that entrepreneurship is the quickest path to freedom [13:39]

This is for you and where you’re at right now [14:34]

In the middle of a hurricane, the sun is still shining [15:15]

Listen to the rest at 1.5x speed [15:50]

Video cuts to The Kick Ass Crew Segment [16:00]

The difference between healthy and unhealthy goals [16:20]

When I was younger I felt like I needed to make a certain amount of money to make up for a lack of self worth [16:55]

Years of experience don’t really matter, it’s the progression [17:58]

Subconscious survival mechanisms [20:01]

In my 30’s I realized shit wasn’t just going to happen for me just because I was positive [20:53]

Money won’t solve all your problems [22:30]

Join Symmetry Financial [23:06]

My discontent came from something inside me and had nothing to do with how much money I did or did not have [23:50]

Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror [24:17]

Michael talks about his healing journey [25:59]

“You’re telling me my reward for not giving up is another attack?” [27:13]

Is my life really meant to be a shit storm? [27:31]

Keep moving forward [27:46]

The Grind [28:00]

Learn to ask yourself beneficial questions [28:45]

If you’re struggling, ask what can I learn from this? [28:48]

Perfect is a myth [29:42]

Reaching your goals is a great feeling, but the journey is better [30:30]

The richness of life is found in the small moments [31:46]

The difference between wanting something and needing something [32:43]

Tesla [34:04]

Michael turns 40 [34:42]

Stress goals [36:00]

It’s my hearts desire to leave an impact on this world [37:30]

Michael talks about how he came up with the idea for #40kfor40 [38:51]

Make a Wish  [39:45]

St. Jude Hospital [40:03]

Michael becomes a millionaire [42:09]

The things you focus on and talk about will multiply and expand [43:48]

You never know when you’re moments away from a breakthrough [46:38]

Just keep swimming – Dory [47:30]

We can’t guarantee when the future will change. What we can guarantee is that you keep putting in the work, you keep growing [48:12]

You’re your greatest enemy or greatest ally. Make peace with yourself to ensure the latter [48:36]

In life, the difficulty in life isn’t falling down. It’s the choice of getting back up  [49:00]

Crushing the ego [49:22]

Do not give up [49:45]

Michael asks The Kick Ass Crew their thoughts [50:48]

Q&A with The Kick Ass Crew [51:13]

Did you know that there was just something better? You just knew? Or was it was kind of an internal drive? [51:50]

Clarity came when I no longer needed to become a millionaire [52:18]

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side [54:50]

You can’t put a price tag on a healthy mental state [55:19]

Beyond Willpower by Alexander Loyd  [56:06]

The Kick Ass Crew thanks Michael for sharing his story [58:00]

What to do when other people “break you” [58:12]

How being broken can be a blessing [58:15]

Asking unbeneficial questions will get you unbeneficial answers [1:00:28]

Could you give an example of the transition from unhealthy goals to healthy ones? [1:00:55]

What tools do you use to keep you from backtracking?  [1:01:54]

Michael talks about the work it took to ground himself again [1:02:51]

How therapy, coaching, and mentors transformed Michael’s life  [1:04:12]

Michael talks about how he process things now [1:05:18]

Michael is back to wrap up the episode [1:07:04]

What are you not giving up hope on? And why is that important to you? [1:07:18]

New episode every two weeks! [1:07:50]