You only get hurt on a roller coaster if you unbuckle and eject halfway through the ride – the same is true with long-term investments.”  – Michael Anthony

What exactly is going on with the housing market?
And how do you know when’s the right time to buy a house?

Brian Delaney is back on The Contract CFO Show and we have a big conversation about the current housing and real estate market and talk Bitcoin investing.

We also take on the tough subject of income statues and what happens when the middle and lower class intersects with race and diverse culture norms.

Join us as we speak from our hearts and experiences and hash out these complex issues that are currently manifesting before our eyes in America.

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~Michael Anthony

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Big League Chew

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Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency

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Amazon building offices in Nashville

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Lumber up 130%

Housing inventory dropped 51% Year over year

New Home Sales

The Big Lebowski

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Show Notes:

Welcome back to the show and welcome back Brian Delany [0:37]

I help entrepreneurs discover their true self in order to create their ideal future [1:12]

Brian is drinking espresso [2:30]

Michael is drinking Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey [3:00]

Cheers to you

Find something to celebrate on a daily basis  [3:30]

The Kick Ass Crew [3:40]

Have you had your “aha” moment? [3:54]

Do not despise small beginnings [4:15]

Show up and follow through [4:43]

Michael talks about his win of the week [5:36]

Michael has unleashed creativity [6:06]

What did you dream about doing in Jan 2020?  [7:02]

Michael has a love of photography [7:27]

Michael shares the first edited photo [8:04]

Trevi Fountain in Rome [8:30]

Do something today that brings joy and life to you [8:46]

When creativity hits us, we know we’re acting in line with our purpose [8:50]

It’s calm confidence that gets us the most results creativity is in that place [9:15]

Brain is getting married in a month and a day 10:30

The guys talk wedding planning 11:08

It’s never the moment, it’s always the moment before the moment that’s the most important [11:20]

Brian talks about being present [12:19]

The price of lumber [13:39]

Brian talks wedding invites [14:37]

Brian put Big League Chew on his wedding list [17:03]

Main Topic

Coinbase [17:28]

Michael is fired up about Crypto [17:48]

Buying shares in Coinbase [18:14]

Cryptocurrency moderation [19:15]

The two extremes of Crypto [20:19]

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and play money [20:53]

Bitcoin drives the market [21:30]

The crash of bitcoin in 2013 [22:17]

I believe in Bitcoin [23:18]

You only get hurt on a roller coaster if you unbuckle and eject halfway through the ride [24:26]

The Big Lebowski [27:30]

Michael predicts Bitcoin will double in value within this cycle [28:10]

Major companies and banks are buying into Cryptocurrency [29:00]

Disclaimer – Make your own choices [30:30]

Are you invested in any Cryptocurrency? Comment below [31:17]

The goal with Crypto is to hold long term [32:11]

Michael loves condiments [33:04]

Ketchup package shortage in America [33:36]

Beanie Babies [34:00]

History of poor people [34:58]

The middle class is getting f*cked [36:30]

Shipping toilets online [36:57]

Income and inequality [37:29]

Don’t stop growing, opportunity is available [40:09]

The housing market in Asheville [40:47]

Why is middle class getting screwed [41:16]

Climbing the ladder of middle class [41:26]

Leverage the system to move through the wealth levels [43:45]

What good businesses are made of [45:00]

Real relationships  [46:06] – 46:58

How can we help each other? [47:39]

Irish potato famine [47:58]

Michael gets vulnerable [49:28]

Work with Symmetry [51:13]

Pointing out victims and enemies [52:13]

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl [53:24]

Don’t give up your right to choose your attitude and thoughts [53:31]

If you have some pain that you’re dealing with, listen up [55:09]

Are you going to let a painful moment define the rest of your life?  [55:16]

Your life is worth more [55:58]

White male privilege [57:20]

Don’t be a crab pulling down your buddy in the pot [58:15]

We’re not in the middle of a race war, it’s actually a money status war [58:20]

The guys talk about racism and cultural differences [1:00:25]

There’s a difference between racism and cultural norms [1:01:45]

No hate lives here [1:02:06]

Michael gives a shout out to the listeners in the Czech Republic [1:02:12]

Let’s talk housing [1:02:46]

The average net worth of a renter VS homeowner in the US [1:04:02]

You can do the right thing the wrong way, and end up screwed [1:05:41]

Housing market articles [1:05:25]

Amazon is building offices in Nashville [1:06:09]

Michael talks about the price of housing in his neighborhood [1:07:15]

One out of every four five homes are being bought by institutional investors [1:07:51]

This is different than the predatory lending in 2006-2008 [1:08:28]

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should [1:09:19]

Why is this happening in the housing market? [1:10:45]

We live in a payment driven society [1:10:57]

Used car salesman quadrant tactic [1:12:18]

Rolling loans into another one [1:13:33]

Can you afford it? [1:14:25]

Why interest rates have gone down [1:14:36]

The price of lumber has gone up 130% [1:16:01]

If you take all the buyers that are on the market, and all the homes that are available, it would take under two months for every house in the US that’s currently for sale to get sold  [1:17:45]

If you want to buy a house, wait a few years [1:18:59]

What’s an Institutional Investor? [1:19:46]

Study the past to learn the present and the future [1:22:57]

A sloppy mess is coming [1:24:37]

Renting isn’t a waste of money, it’s a different way to use your money [1:25:34]

Look at the results I actually get, not the ones I talk about [1:27:25]

You can’t afford to have a short term view on a long term asset [1:28:56]

A drop is coming in the housing market [1:31:08]

How to think long term [1:31:53]

Believe for the best, prepare for the worst [1:32:54]

Let’s put a fork in it [1:34:31]

Difficult circumstances force real conversations [1:34:52]

How dependent are you on systems you don’t control? [1:35:35]

Do you know your neighbors? [1:37:45]

Do my circumstances communicate my values or dysfunction? [1:39:16]

“The strength of a person’s spirit would then be measured by how much ‘truth’ he could tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified.” – Friedrich Nietzsche [1:40:51]

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