Jimmy Spieldenner is a new father, a husband, and recently diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Given only six months to live, Jimmy’s perspective on life dramatically shifted upon receiving this earth shattering news. In this episode of the Contract CFO Show, Jimmy gives us a candid peek into his proactive mindset as he continues to live each day like it’s his last and we talk about how to live life to the fullest even with a terminal illness.

We discuss how giving to others has transformed our lives and relationships with money for the better. Both of us share our experiences of giving and the ROI we saw come from those acts of generosity. Finally, we share how giving doesn’t always need to include money, and sometimes the person you need to give to the most is yourself.

Show Notes

Intro & Drinks
Meet Jimmy Spieldenner [0:55]
Jimmy talks about his diagnosis and treatment [1:37]
“Just kidding it gets worse” – living with cancer [2:50]
Jimmy and Michael talk about their smoothie recipes [3:40]
Jimmy talks about his industrial juicer [4:05]
Michael tells a story about his wife bringing their juicer on vacation with them [5:40]
The many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle [7:00]
Healthy habits = sustainable, long-term success [8:45]
Clean up after your Chia seeds – Michael’s kryptonite [9:45]
Chia seeds are like gremlins, don’t get them wet [10:32]
Michael shares his secret smoothie recipe [11:56]
Michael talks about going vegan in the past and plant based protein [13:39]
Jimmy brings up taking a food sensitivity test [14:18]
Jimmy talks about bone broth [14:38]
Nutmeg the top antioxidant for body [15:45]
Ginger is good for joints [16:13]
Cinnamon is good for regulating blood sugar [17:02]
Beware of cheap cinnamon [17:25]
The health benefits of turmeric [17:44]
Jimmy and Michael talk about different natural supplements [18:59]
The Contract CFO Program [19:15]
Baobab powder, Michaels’ wonder powder [21:24]
Smoothie Tip: Freeze your fresh ingredients to get a milkshake texture [22:40]
Michael shares about his special cup [23:04]
Michael’s wife hires artists for her birthday [25:54]
The Pastel Legacy piece, #Epic [26:27]

Main Topic:
You gotta live life – MA [27:22]
The doctors give Jimmy an expiration date [28:36]
How you view life and business with stage 4 cancer [29:13]
Michael invites Jimmy to share his origin story [30:15]
Jimmy has 17 siblings because of the long winters in Maine [30:45]
Jimmy is #9, the middle child [31:20]
Jimmy talks about his mother and her strength [32:20]
Michael asks about family gatherings [34:50]
You have some weird thoughts when you’re on borrowed time – JS [35:10]
Grandmothers are the glue that holds the family together [35:31]
Life was meant to be lived with kindness and community – JS [36:50]
When and where to visit Maine [37:20]
Mount Katahdin [38:25]
Appalachian Trail [38:30]
How to overcome life’s struggles [41:00]
The perspective you get living on borrowed time [41:40]
20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now Hardcover by Robert Smith [42:15]
Seize the day and live with no regrets 42:20
The more you talk the opportunity there is to offend someone – JS [43:50]
Jimmy talks about his desire to be the seen and heard as the middle child [43:59]
Jimmy learned how to get attention through joking [44:10]
Jimmy talks about how his childhood molded him into who he is today [45:20]
Security is a nice gift but it’s also an illusion – MA [46:30]
Michael talks about his upbringing [47:00]
Shit was real where I grew up – MA [47:21]
Michael talks about his car getting shot up [47:37]
Michael shares about getting stabbed right before his 14th birthday [48:10]
Today might be my last day, what is my legacy? – MA [49:08]
I love Jesus, but I’m not too big on religion or church – MA [50:21]
With all due respect, fuck what God thinks, what do I think of my life? – MA [50:17]
Make sure when you die, you leave nothing on the table – MA [51:38]
Despite what anyone says, I’m going to continue living life and cherishing each moment – JS [52:04]
Jimmy talks about how he deals with thoughts about the future [53:44]
A lot of people don’t get a warning that their life is going to end – it’s a gift to live with that perspective – JS [53:45]
A job is just there to help you build up skills and finances to start a business – JS [55:09]
America: The land of opportunity and side hustles [55:53]
We have so much opportunity that we can’t see it – JS [56:31]
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work – Thomas Edison [56:34]
If you’re working a job you don’t like, are you doing something to get out of it? Because if you’re not, that’s stupid – JS [56:50]
V 56:50-57:10
Life is about steps and seasons – JS [57:02]
Why are Americans not taking control over their financial wellbeing – JS [58:37]
People are afraid to do something that requires risk, but risk is where reward lives – JS [58:53]
Entrepreneurship is all risk – JS [58:56]
People must learn to adjust to today’s hardships – MA [1:00:33]
Don’t settle for Mediocrity – MA [1:01:36]
I have zero issues with a CEO that earns a shit ton of money. What I have an issue with is with is a CEO who earns a shit ton of money and then turns around and fire their employees – MA [1:02:36]
As an employer I need to look out for the wellbeing of my employee. That’s a contract that has been broken in America – MA [1:03:27]
Happy staff care about their job and the company they’re working for – JS  [1:04:34]
Understanding the balance of markets [1:05:39]
Michael talks about the success that comes from giving money away [1:06:24]
I will say that for me, There is absolutely zero chance that I would be where I am today financially if it were not for me making a habit of giving money away – MA [1:06:50]
Jimmy mentions Michael’s 40th birthday fundraiser [1:07:43]
I wish I knew what I knew now about leadership back when I was younger – JS [1:10:01]
If you’re not growing, you’re dying – JS [1:10:11]
Giving will set you free – JS [1:10:22]
Whether you’ve got $5 or $500,00 you need to give a percentage away of that to someone else – it’s so rewarding – JS [1:11:27]
You get what you put out [1:12:06]
I try to live every day looking for opportunities to add value and create an impact – JS [1:12:20]
Some magical shit happens when you give money away to someone in need – JS [1:13:00]
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar [1:13:20]
I say you should give 10% of income to donations period – JS [1:13:35]
Giving money isn’t just putting money out there, it’s an investment – JS [1:14:13]
Don’t become a bottleneck for money. Money needs to flow – JS [1:14:40]
The more you invest in your business, the more you make – MA [1:15:00]
Employee mindset is different than employer mindset – MA [1:15:20]
One bad bathroom in a restaurant can ruin its success – JS [1:16:00]
Make giving synonymous with who you are – JS [1:18:19]
When I say “I never struggled” I mean I never let myself get in trouble financially – JS [1:19:46]
When your brakes are so bad you use the curb to slow down [1:20:43]
Michael and Jimmy talk about being guilted and shamed into giving [1:22:22]
Certainly don’t give beyond your means but sometimes life calls you to give to your means and that can be uncomfortable – JS [1:23:04]
Winners are givers [1:24:01]
Rockefeller was a giver [1:25:00]
Michael talks about his experiences of giving and the benefits he’s experienced [1:26:18]
Giving is transformational and shifts our relationship with money in a good way – MA [1:27:27]
I have money but money doesn’t have me – MA [1:28:14]
Giving keeps you from having a scarcity mindset in life – MA [1:28:19]
How to give through your business [1:30:13]
We make money and we help people, that’s just what we do – MA [1:31:19]
Sometimes giving takes the shape of pouring into other people’s lives – MA [1:31:20 ]
Work with Symmetry [1:32:31]
Some people need to give themselves permission right now to take care of themselves [1:33:22]
As entrepreneurs, we are the business. Our business is never going to outgrow us – MA [1:35:09]
Take care of your wellbeing, your body – you only get one of those [1:36:27]
Michael talks about his dream board [1:36:58]
Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates all practiced self care [1:37:00]
The number one investment we can make in life is in ourselves – MA [1:37:30]
It’s hard for us to take care of ourselves because our society and economy is based on consumerism rather than growth and investment – MA [1:38:00]
Michael and Jimmy talk about self care [1:39:40]
Michael gives his thoughts on reality TV [1:41:00]
Don’t get caught up in wearing a badge of bullshit superiority – MA [1:41:48]
Michael talks about his movie day and how he uses movies for self care [1:42:30]
It’s important to let your brain take a break – MA [1:43:49]
How Jimmy deals with the mental battle that comes with stage 4 cancer [1:46:27]
Positive Mental Attitude = PMA – Napoleon Hill [1:47:26]
Building a positive mindset and staying positive is hard work – JS [1:49:12]
You have to be intentional about keeping a positive mindset – JS [1:52:14]
Jimmy expresses his gratitude for his life and the blessings he’s received along the way [1:53:47]
Jimmy talks about planning his funeral [1:54:30]
Dream like you’re going to live forever and live like you’re going to die tomorrow – JS [1:57:25]
Michael expresses his love and appreciation for Jimmy [1:59:00]
There’s someone always watching you, looking to you to know how to respond to life’s obstacles [2:00:20]
Tomorrow can be better than today the choice is yours [2:02:29]
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