We are back with another value packed, bullshit free episode of The Contract CFO Show! Today Brian and I are talking about mortgages, refinancing and how to not let your emotions control your finances. We break down the details of compound interest and why you should negotiate the length of a loan. 
We also discuss how important it is to be honest with yourself about your current situation and being able to recognize if you are headed towards your goals or away from them. Brian talks about the fallacy of equity and experts and how to find and withstand the power of truth. I wrap it up by encouraging you to push past fear and take ownership of your life, finances and wellbeing.  
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Show Notes

Intro & Drinks 
Brian is back [0:10] 
Today’s topic is about money [0:45] 
Cheers to you [1:30] 
Michael is drinking TC Craft tequila, local to Nashville [1:45] 
Brian is drinking Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey [2:15] 
The Osama Bin Laden Drink [3:09] 
In life, you gotta have a sense of humour – MA [3:20] 
Michael is celebrating his fans, subscribers on YouTube reached 100+ [4:40] 

We don’t despise small beginnings -MA  [5:15] 
Find all the episodes of the podcast at www.MichaelAnthonyTV.com [6:10] 
The podcast is available on all platforms; YouTube, Apple, Spotify, etc. [6:29] 
Small beginnings have a superpower if we don’t let it get to us – BD [7:00] 
Brian is excited at the opportunity to add value to people’s life [7:30] 
Michael created a free Ebook: Stop Thinking Like An Employee [8:00] 
Brian is celebrating a future $80 million contract from Spotify [8:30] 
Brian is seeing more and more young people investing [9:00] 
Brian is excited about his clients who are prospering [10:23] 
WAG bar [10:30] 
Main Topic 
The goal is to help people make money and do the right things with it, so they are generating revenue even when they’re not performing or working – BD [10:45] 
I’m anti-doing something because it’s just the status quo. What’s your game plan? – MA [11:26] 
Become a highly educated learner and you will be successful – MA [12:33] 
We want to celebrate our listeners and their wins [12:58] 
Tell us what you are celebrating – fill out the form under Cheers to you! [13:52] 
Work with Symmetry [15:41]  
Ask Michael Anthony Segment [16:30] 
Submit your questions on the website or in the comments [17:00] 
I promise to give you bullshit free real answers – MA [18:00] 
Disclaimer [18:30] 
Should I refinance my house? [19:23] 
Let’s talk about Self Funding [20:00] 
You must understand the true cost of interest [20:24] 
Understanding compound interest [21:00] 
Refinancing is a loan from yourself, except you’re paying interest to the bank -MA [22:33] 
Ask yourself, ‘How long am I going to stay in this house?’ [22:50] 
How much equity do I need? [23:10] 
70% of interest is paid in the first half of the loan -MA [23:45] 
Shorter loans = you having more equity in your house [24:30] 
Why not pay the minimum payment and take a longer loan? It’s a trick! [25:15] 
Loan structure is important to understand [27:00] 
Let’s talk about math [27:50] 

If you don’t have a plan for your money someone else does – MA [29:34] 
Make your money go to work for you by making smart investments – MA [31:59] 
Strategic Investment and spending [32:17] 
All investing is a risk [32:44] 
Depreciating asset = the value is going down [33:00] 
Beanie Babies [33:30] 
How to know when your business is failing [34:03] 
You need to know the difference between your passion, your persistence and your profitability  [34:00] 
FCF = Free Cash Flow is your number one asset – BD [34:30] 
House fire vs a campfire [35:00] 
Brian talks about working construction [36:35] 
Money is a power tool – it can be dangerous or extremely helpful – BD [37:21] 

Even in business more doesn’t always equal better – MA [37:45] 
There are so many opportunities that are popping up during this time [38:52] 
Don’t make the mistake of putting good money towards a bad business [39:45] 
You can’t become a millionaire in the nonprofit sector [40:15] 
A donkey will never become a cheetah. Understand what assets and situations you’re working with and be able to recognize if it will get you where you want to go – MA [41:00] 
Listen to your guts. Your guts are correct 99% of the time [41:20]  
Don’t ever invest in something that will steal from your future – MA [41:45] 

Don’t put good money towards a bad business or deal – MA [41:53] 
MA is for refinancing as long as you’re smart about it. Do your research [42:38] 
Find someone that will speak truth into you [43:00] 
You can’t buy integrity [43:45] 
The Contract CFO Program [45:00] 
Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage [46:00] 
You can determine the length of your loan [46:30] 
As consumers we actually don’t want unlimited options [47:25] 
Know you can negotiate the loan length [48:20] 
Mortgage companies are not your friend [48:40] 
Nobody should ever care more about your life and wellbeing than you and if someone cares more about your wellbeing than you, you are living someone else’s plan for your life – MA [49:26] 
Keep your emotions in check, stay sharp and know when you’re being sold to [50:27] 
Fallacy of equity [50:45] 
Because I have money in, I need to put more money in. Because I have time in, I need to put more time in 50:52  
Equity doesn’t mean you should continue that momentum forward. You need to look at the nature and value behind the commitment and judge whether you should move forward. 51:21 
Don’t make judgement calls when you’re overly excited or depressed [51:35] 
Fallacy of “expert” 51:50 
If there isn’t a free flow of information between you and an “expert,” something’s not right [52:17] 
Let your emotions flow into your relationships, not into your business strategies – BD [53:06] 
Brian talks about liquidating his assets in 2007 [53:59] 
The “experts” are there for the sale, but you’re there for the consequences [55:00] 
Anyone that’s trying to make something sound complicated isn’t an expert, they’re a crook – BD [56:25] 
Don’t let your emotions be in charge of your finances [57:00] 
If the value is there for you, the price is worth it – MA [59:50] 
If the relationship is real it can stand up to negotiation and questions [1:00:33] 
Honest communication brings clarity [1:01:00] 
Our ego is real and shouldn’t run your business [1:01:19] 
Can you just not be a dumbass? [1:01:47] 
What are your money principles? [1:02:22] 
Pulp Fiction, What does a $5 milkshake taste like? [1:02:40] 
Michael wants a Tesla roadster [1:04:00] 
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – BD [1:05:04] 
Humility is the power tool that keeps the ego in proportion [1:05:31] 
Humility is power under control which is the environment where the ego stays proportionate [1:05:50] 
The power of delayed gratification and knowing the difference between investments and rewards [1:06:00] 
You’ll know what you’ve earned by what you have [1:06:20] 
Deserve Vs Earn [1:07:19] 
Healthy Capitalism [1:07:49] -1:08:17V  
Do I have the cash flow? Do I have the capital? [1:08:40] 
Having a clear picture of what you deserve [1:08:50] 
Life is a process [1:09:36]  
If you’re trying to live chapter 15 of your life while you’re still in chapter one of character development, the whole process is going to be lost [1:09:50] 
How much truth can you tolerate? – Niche [1:10:26] 
Do not dilute the truth – BD [1:11:07] 
Getting paid a base salary versus being paid commission [1:12:07] 
Celebrate what you can digest [1:13:38] 
Go watch the first episode of The Contract CFO Show [1:13:45] 
Join us in the conversation [1:14:00] 
Go to the website and submit questions, wins, and topics you’d like to hear [1:14:26] 
A friend is not a friend if they’re selfish – MA [1:14:30] 
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