“Stress is a marketing tactic the world uses, don’t buy into it… The quickest way to reduce your stress and scale your business is through practicing gratitude.” – Michael Anthony

Do you struggle with managing your stress?
Is your ego getting in the way of your success?

Stop what you’re doing right now. Take out a pen and a sheet of paper and write down five things you’re grateful for. Feel better don’t you?

In this episode I am joined by my good friend and special guest, Doug Price. Doug is the host of The Agave Social Club and a master of execution and gratitude. In this episode Doug and I both take turns answering one of our viewers questions about managing stress. We also discuss the importance of eliminating the ego, asking for help, and habits that cultivate the right type of mindset for success.

If you find yourself wrestling with knowing how to manage your emotions and what your next moves in your business should be, send me a message and check out The Kick Ass Crew. I’m here to help you become the best version of yourself and create the life you want.


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Show Notes

Intro & Drinks:
Kick Ass Crew scholarship giveaway  [0:25]
Michael introduces Doug Price [2:28]
Doug is the Founder of The Agave Social Club [2:58]
The Agave Social Club is one of Michael’s favorite podcasts [3:15]
Doug’s podcast is about the tequila community [3:53]
Doug does tastings in Orlando Florida [4:51]
Connect with Doug [5:35]
The reason why I do this is to help those on their entrepreneurial journey [6:30]
Drop your comments below and share the episodes with others [7:18]
Michael’s day was wild [8:13]
We are here, we made it! [9:29]
Today the Kick Ass Crew has launched! [9:45]
Doug congratulates Mike for launching the Kick Ass Crew [9:50]
2020 handed a shit sandwich to a lot of us [10:0]
Our past doesn’t have to define our future [10:34]
Doug is a member of the original Kick Ass Crew [11:00]
Things get weird [11:15]
Today it’s hard to find community [12:00]
Let’s kick ass and come together [12:14]
Register now for The Kick Ass Crew [12:32]

Cheers to you
Doug is drinking Hermosa Casagave Silver Tequila [11:16]
Michael’s chair breaks [13:55]
Michael is drinking Casa Noble Reposado Tequila [14:15]
Grab a drink and sip along with us [14:30]
Michael salutes 2021  [14:43]
Register to win your spot on the Kick Ass Crew [15:00]

Ask Michael Anthony [15:30]
Michael received a question on Instagram [15:58]
The Agave Social Club Podcast is started in March 2020 [16:15]
Starting a business is messy business [16:45]
A lot of people never start their business because they are overwhelmed [17:00]
It’s easier to do nothing, it’s easier to let yourself be paralyzed, than to keep moving forward – DP [17:12]
Just keep swimming [17:23]
Seth Godin Linchpin [17:45]
Learning to ship [17:50]
We all have different gifts and talents [18:21]
Michael talks about “shipping” too quickly [18:40]
The silver lining of Corona [19:00]
Michael wants Doug’s insight on this question [19:56]
Listener’s question: Did and do you experience stress from being successful?  [20:11]
Doug is currently experiencing a lot of early wins with his brand [21:19]
Doug gives us some history and backstory about The Agave Social Club [22:10]
The secret agenda behind The Agave Social Club  [22:26]
Doug’s goal is to educate his listener and provide value so they will become tequila experts [22:49]
The struggles of podcasting [23:30]
What’s your tequila budget? [24:04]
Gorilla marketing over Instagram messaging [24:23]
Padre Azul Tequila [24:27]
Did 2020 throw you a curveball? [24:39]
Hustle and take notes along the way [25:09]
Execution is just putting one foot in front of the other [25:33]
Doug used his first episode to pitch to other brands [26:19]
Humility opens doors of opportunity that ego will not budge [26:52]
Is your ego standing in the way of your dream? [27:12]
Put your pride to the side and ask yourself, ‘what is the path forward?’ [27:36]
When you encounter an obstacle, you’re actually encountering and invitation to think outside the box and grow [28:14]
As an entrepreneur there will always be problems but there will also be solutions [28:38]
For every problem you have there are multiple solutions and that’s encouraging [28:44]
There’s always more solutions than problems [28:49]
Unpacking the mindset of s problem solver [29:10]
Small steps forward create momentum [30:16]
You have not because you ask not [30:35]
Start with what you have [31:04]
Doug talks about how he built up his contacts [32:22]
We are wired to survive not thrive and we must overcome our wiring [32:53]
Life gives you what you ask of it [33:50]
Feelings of overwhelm will strangle your dream if you let it [35:00]
Shameless plug of The Kick Ass Crew [35:50]
Michael talks about the struggle of monetizing podcasts [36:37]
Good business is about building relationships [37:15]
Back to the question [37:21]
How to handle stress well [37:51]
Don’t give anxiety a voice in your head [38:06] -38:18
Aldi [38:35]
What are you stressing over? [38:47]
Stress is a marketing tactic the world uses, don’t buy into it [39:04]
Are you still enjoying life while doing this? If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? [39:30]
Recognize you are one person and can only do so much [40:08]
The side hustle [40:41]
Gary Vee [41:20]
Stop watching TV and go build your dream [41:25]
We all have the same hours in the day [41:37]
If you say you don’t have time, you don’t really want it [41:59]
Do what you ought to do so then you can do what you want to do – Zig Ziglar [42:38]
Deserving -vs- Earning [43:02]
Funnel your passion and don’t steal time from someone else [43:48]
Make time for your passion [44:14]
Make making money your passion [45:04]
Find an aspect of what you’re doing that you’re passionate about and let that lead you to something bigger [45:53]
Change your mindset [46:39]
Growth creates complexity and complexity kills growth [46:41]
We must learn to manage the complexity and growth [47:30]
Don’t be stressed, be thankful [47:40]
Doug talks about his 2020 experience [48:35]
Work with Symmetry [49:05]
Doug issues a challenge [49:47]
Shift your perspective and appreciate the moment you’re in [50:41]
2020 was the best year of your dog’s life [42:08]
Cultivate a heart of gratitude [52:38]
A grateful heart leads to a content and fulfilled heart [52:48]
The quickest way to scale your business: Gratitude [53:48]
What to do when it’s just not happening for you [54:19]
Choose gratitude [54:30]
Sunflowers, unicorns, and hugs [55:40]
Train yourself to intentionally engage in gratitude on the days you want to disconnect [56:12]
Today is a new day [56:45]
We weren’t meant to live in constant stress and fear [57:25]
Make the conscious decisions to move yourself out of an internal negative state [57:54]
You were meant for so much more than stress and anxiety [58:16]
We were designed to live in community [58:43]
Go for a walk [59:32]
Michael’s morning facebook video routine [1:00:00]
Intentionally inject some joy and laughter into your life [1:00:45]
Starting your day with joy and gratitude is the secret to fulfillment [1:01:16]
Michael takes a shot at the listener’s question [1:02:06]
The anxiety that comes with success [1:02:36]
Where your focus goes, your energy flows [1:02:55]
Michael talks about root issues he had to deal with surrounding money and wealth [1:03:23]
We’re all energy, it’s not woo-woo, it’s science [1:03:58]
Anxiety is a symptom of limiting beliefs [1:04:48]
A survival mentality will at some point sabotage your success [1:06:21]
Give yourself permission to not be okay [1:6:40]
Being successful doesn’t mean you’ve got it all together [1:07:00]
Listen to this show and become a better person [1:07:56]
Shift your focus to what you want instead of what you don’t want [1:08:52]
Look your anxiety in the eye and show yourself some compassion [1:09:07]
Michael talks about therapy [1:09:25]
Result driven therapy [1:09:57] LINK to types from other episode
Mike gets vulnerable [1:11:46]
Reassuring and comforting your fearful self [1:12:19]
Don’t get into a shouting match with your fears [1:12:41]
Grow your business in a healthy and successful way [1:14:02]
Talk to yourself from a place of belief and strength [1:14:32]

Would you rather? [1:15:03]
Would you rather be forced to high five everyone you make eye contact with or strike up conversations with at least five strangers a day?  [1:15:28]
Doug would rather talks to five strangers a day [1:15:56]
Michael loves awkward eye contact [1:16:38]
Michael and Doug wrap up their conversation [1:17:11]
Drop your questions in the comments [1:17:47]
Connect with doug on Instagram [1:18:11]
Doug would love to be your tequila whisperer [1:18:36]
Sign up for The Agave Social Club email list and get a free gift! [1:19:12]
Say no to Jose Cuervo [1:19:29]
If you’re mind is already telling you that you’re failing this year, that’s a sign to turn it around and join The Kick Ass Crew [1:20:24]
Thank you Doug  [1:20:51]

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