“There’s no secret to success, just consistent habits” Brian Pope

Would you like to pick the brain of a 100 x millionaire?

Are you excited to learn his secrets to success?

We have the brain and the secrets right here on The Contract CFO Show!

This episode I am joined by a super special guest, Brian Pope. Brian is a serial entrepreneur and immensely successful businessman. I ask Brian the questions you’ve been wanting to know about money, business, and finances. We talk about his personal story and the path he took to build his wealth. Brian and I also break down the details of how you can create your own legacy.

This installment of The Contract CFO Show is one you’ll want to hit the repeat button on a few times over just to capture all the gold that Brian is shoveling up. Sit back and listen up; This episode is pure fire and was created with you in mind, so enjoy!

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~Michael Anthony


Show Notes


Intro & Drinks:

Bullshit free, real talk about finance [0:19]

Brian Pope, the hundred million dollar man [0:45]

Please subscribe and share[1:24]


Cheers to you [2:00]

Get your drinks out and celebrate the small wins with us [3:09]

Brian shares his win [3:55]


Main Topic

Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to play in a Superbowl [5:31]

The power of belief [5:44] 

Self confidence is everything in business and it’s build one brick at a time – BP  [6:13] 

The science of goal setting [7:40]

Forrest Gump [8:57] 

If you can run a mile you can run 100 miles [9:30]

People complicate success [9:45]

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle [10:00] 

Winners love seeing other people win [10:53]

Steve Jobs [11:25] 

You get good at something after doing it for 30 years [11:50]

There’s no secret to success, just consistent habits [12:20]

Michael talks about the individuals in The Kick Ass Crew [14:45]

The discipline of being discipline [15:05]

Making decisions [16:23] 

Commitment is where everything you love lives [17:21]

Happiness is a commitment  [17:27]

Commitments are lifelong promises you make to yourself [18:04]

All good fruits come from commitment [18:44]

Every day is an opportunity for redemption [20:11] 

There are plenty of people ready to kick you when you’re down, so don’t ever do it yourself – BP [21:00]

Learn to forgive yourself [21:20]

You can’t give what you don’t have. If you want to be a better person, learn to love and forgive yourself first [22:23]

Unkfuck yourself by Gary John Bishop  [23:20] 

Winners look forward [24:00]

Jack Nicklaus [24:52]

Live in the present, look to the future [25:43]

Learn to value process over results [26:53]

Mental game of golfing [27:31]

Brian redefines discipline [28:37]

Running 1 mile versus running 500 miles [29:42]

Brian talks about being a boxer in the military [30:15]

Mental conditioning of a fighter [31:34]

Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face – Mike Tyson [32:10] 

Life is a contact sport – BP [32:15]

Stay calm and return fire [32:36]

How to win in life and business [33:43]

Brian shares a little more about himself [34:46]

You live and die by your team [35:29]

Anything in excess is bad [36:10]

Stay away from unhappy and unlucky people [36:54]

Trusting the right people [38:36]

Life is a contact and team sport [39:00]

Seeking out advice from your team [41:10]

The danger of seeing someone’s potential versus who they are right now [42:05]

Work with Symmetry.com/Change [43:00] 

Hubris levels [44:03]

Brian talks about his faults [44:34]

The danger of trying to outwork other people’s limitations [45:04]

It’s not your job to overcome someone else’s limitations, it’s their job and their opportunity to grow [45:17]

The Savior complex [45:48]

What is it about me that feels like I need to be a hero? [46:00] 

Brian talks about going to therapy [46:53]

How your childhood shapes you [48:47]

How the military taught Brian to value his team [50:07]

I figured out I wanted to make money so I went into insurance sales – BP [52:31]

Michael talks about his adoptive dad [55:37]

The power of adoption [56:17]

If you are looking for money, join Symmetry.com/Change [57:08]

Brian goes all-in on being a family man at 25 [58:42]

Michael brings up a listener’s question – how to balance it all [59:58]

Breaking the generational cycles [1:01:28]

If you’re smarter than me, I’ll just outwork you. If you’re a harder worker, I’ll find a way to out smart you – BP [1:02:25] 

I was not an overnight success. I stepped on every mine in the minefield of business – BP [1:03:44]

I didn’t have any other choice but to succeed, there was not plan b – BP [1:04:23]

You have a choice, you have a say over your life, if you take ownership of it [1:05:30] 

Look up the definition of “decision” [1:06:04]

Decision – to make a choice and to cut off all other options [1:06:12]

Netflix [1:06:55] 

Meditation is pausing, going inward, and embracing what you’re afraid of [1:07:25]

When you embrace your fears, you take their power away – BP [1:08:07]

Muhammad Ali VS George Foreman [1:08:42] 

Muhammad Ali VS Earn Shavers [1:23:19]

Paul is a big fan of The Contract CFO Show [1:26:50]

How small businesses can leap frog with the big guys [1:27:28]

Staring down the darkness [1:27:52]

The significance of fire and lava lamps [1:29:10]

I drive a Tesla ‘cause I like it – BP [1:30:12]

The fastest road to success is focusing 100% on adding value to others [1:30:13]

My self worth isn’t wrapped up in how much money I make, it’s how many lives I can impact for good – BP [1:30:36]

Elon Musk [1:31:36]

Workwithsymmetry.com/change [1:33:23]

If you want to help others, learn to help yourself first – BP [1:34:26]

Alter your perspective [1:35:18]

The Dysfunctions by Patrick Lencioni [1:35:45] 

Take the time to learn about yourself [1:37:05] 

The most fertile ground in life is in yourself – BP [1:37:19]

Getting the focus off yourself and onto others [1:38:20]

Finding purpose [1:39:29] 

Be the change and add value [1:39:53]

How you can make an impact right now [1:41:19]

John Maxwell [1:42:31]

You’re just renting everything you own [1:42:57]

How to be a good steward [1:43:50]

Things come to me much easier when my priorities are right – BP [1:45:42]

Going inward and staring down your fears [1:46:40]

Success can be distracting [1:47:12]

What is your net worth? [1:48:35]

Diversify your investments [1:49:27]

I like investing in people – BP [1:49:57]

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself – BP [1:50:12]

Tony Robbins [1:51:32]

Take a deep dive into a very narrow niche [1:51:33] 

Get your mind right [1:52:19]

Go all in your business [1:52:52]

The whole point of investing [1:54:16]

I’ll gamble on myself all day long – BP [1:54:23] 

Real Estate: God ain’t making anymore of it [1:55:54]

Michael asks Brian about his thoughts on cryptocurrency [1:57:12]

Brian doesn’t have the stomach for cryptocurrency [1:58:49]

Michael  recaps the convo [1:01:00]


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