“If you don’t have time to invest in yourself, you don’t have time for starting a business or anything else.” – Michael Anthony

Do you have what it takes to survive the economic seasons ahead?
Are you worried that the market will crash?

The good news is, you’re not alone and we have the answers and tools to help you navigate the current season you’re in and prepare for the next!

Brian Delaney is back from his trip to Tanzania and brings stories of his adventures! We learn what to do when a cheetah jumps on your jeep and how to enjoy the present.

We take a question from a listener about how to prepare for a market crash and for future economic seasons. We chat a little about Crypto Currency and I share about my investment strategy and how you can diversify, when the time is right.

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~Michael Anthony


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TC Craft Tequila

Former President Donald Trump

President Joe Biden

Parable of the Prodigal Son

Edward Pritchett

Brian Pope

Work with Symmetry

“Winter is coming”

Game of Thrones

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Episode #0013 – Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Warren Buffett and Crypto

Bill Gates

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Welcome back Brian [0:34]

Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this episode! [1:21]

Check us out on YouTube [1:58]

Cheers to you [2:30]

Michael is drinking TC Craft Tequila [2:34]

Brian is drinking whiskey in his coffee, preparing for date night [3:16]

Grab your drink and celebrate a win with us [4:07]

Michael’s small win [4:45]

Brian and Mike discuss their ‘open relationship’ [6:35]

Brian’s win was traveling to Tanzania [7:45]

That’s how I define success; being able to do what I want, when I want, with who I want and not even thinking about expenses – BD [8:40]

Brian talks about his trip [10:14]

Brian’s encounter with a cheetah [12:46]

Learn to enjoy time and hold space for others [17:47]

Toxicity in our culture today [18:00]

The emotional reactions to the name Trump or Biden [18:50]

Focus on you and what you can control [18:58]

Be a human being not a human doing [19:10]

Brian talks about the prodigal son [20:19]

Are you carrying around shame? [20:25]

How are your eyes trained? [23:00]

Edward Pritchet [24:20]

Brian Pope [24:21]

How much have we lost as we’ve “gained” technology? [25:08]

Our bodies are designed to win and succeed if we just let them go and trust our instinct – MA [26:00]

Shortcuts are cheating, hacks are you working smarter [27:30]

Are you bankrupt in all areas of life? [28:26]

Michael shares a story from The Kick Ass Crew [30:48]

Dig into yourself and lean into your worth [31:40]

Own your awesome [33:18]

Don’t rob yourself of the tools you need to get to the next level [33:23]

The prize of this level is the price of the next level – BD [33:40]

Are you enough? [34:17]

You are enough… and there is more [36:08]

Work with Symmetry [36:40]

Ask Michael Anthony

You gotta love what is [40:09]

When you have a society that forgets the past, the past will repeat itself [40:29]

Have clear eyes [40:40]

Anything we are facing today, may have a new name but it is not a new reality [40:53]

Life, history, and economies all have seasons that are cyclical [42:19]

Is life really that bad? [44:18]

Winter is coming – Game of Thrones [44:45]

How the government has cut short the economic seasons [45:00]

Why the US economy is on shaky ground [46:00]

Winter will come so hustle now [47:22]

Jerk the slack out of your thinking [47:36]

Cut the caviar [48:16]

What it’s like to live off of $50 per month [50:10]

Live within means, don’t buy your own press [50:23]

Sacrifices that lead to success [51:41]

Are you getting caught off guard?  [52:15]

Are you going to start being a student of life or live someone else’s plan for your life? – MA [52:56]

Letting go of things that are not beneficial is still hard – BD  [54:36]

The value of life is found in the experiences we have and the people we share them with [56:21]

Fuck the Joneses [59:05]

Liquid assets and cash reserves [1:01:21]

Watch the episodes on Crypto Currency [1:01:28]

Brian gives a disclaimer [1:01:52]

Michael talks about the Bitcoin roller coaster [1:03:47]

What you can do with a 10% investment into Crypto Currency [1:04:20]

Cash reserves  [1:06:21]

Year over year, Bitcoin has averaged a 50% return [1:07:36]

Crypto is a hedge against the dollar [1:08:42]

Warren  Buffett and Crypto [1:12:10]

Don’t day trade investments that are meant to be long term [1:13:00]

Michael loses his login [1:14:46]

Hedging against an uncertain future [1:17:01]

When to Diversify  [1:17:02]

Work with Symmetry [1:19:06]

Are you in the side hustle phase? [1:20:05]

The currency of the news is fear [1:20:43]

If you have excess income, diversify [1:21:33]

Michael’s end goal is to have 15 areas of investment [1:21:56]

Your home is a real estate investment  [1:24:45]

Michael talks about the cannabis market [1:25:28]

Michael discusses his investments  [1:25:58]

Simply start with where you’re at – MA [1:27:02]

Michael warns about making any big investments with real estate right now [1:27:52]

We can be strong in our culture and adaptable in our strategy and set ourselves up to win long term – BD [1:30:25]

How to build an anti-fragile business [1:31:17]

Find your rhythms now [1:34:04]

Success happens over time not overnight [1:34:50]

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Joe Biden are not the keys to your future. You are [1:36:32]

Don’t just say stuff as a virtue signal, change your behavior [1:38:13]

If you don’t have time to invest in yourself, you don’t have time for anything else [1:39:49]

How to have an “F you” mindset [1:40:52]

Brian thanks Michael for creating The Contract CFO Show [1:42:42]

Sharing is caring. Share the show! [1:43:28]

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